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    Previously i had post an article on a tuned SUV from Porsche.In this article, I will be sharing on a tuned Supercar. A Murcielago that is. One of the sleekest looking supercar around.


    This Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640 is tuned by JB Design and for this one, they had name it the LP 640 JB-R.The car features a limited edition paint job which is only available through JB Design.


    The supercar is equipped with a set of 20 inch Schmidt aluminium rims wrapped in Michelin wide base tyres sizes 265/30-20 and 335/30-20 front and rear respectively. The aerodynamic kit includes a front spoiler, front air intake, side skirts, a rear spoiler and a rear diffuser. The sport exhaust system can have its sound volume changed while in motion through the mere push of a button. The underbody has been streamlined to help offer the highest level of performance in both handling and top speed situations.


    Under the hood is a V12 engine which cranked out a total of 714HP for Power level 1 and 750HP for the second level.An F1-style steering rocker switch changes gears and assists the LP 640 JB-R to attain top speed of 370km/h.


    Once you are inside the car, you will be surrounded by a  dark red ultra suede and black smooth leather trimming.
    A closer inspedtion will reveal all the carbon fiber insert.And privacy wont be an issue as the car windows are tinted all around.


    If you are interested in owning the car, be ready to pay US$522,800 (RM1,770,000) for this actual 2008 MY demo car with only 9,000km on, or contact JB Design for a personal quotation.

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