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  • KL – Mitsubishi To Launch New Mitsubishi Evo X Model Next Week

    mitsubishi lancer evo x malaysia

    Mitsubishi To Launch New Evo X Model Next Week

    Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia Sdn Bhd is set to introduce its latest Mitsubishi Evo X in the Malaysian market next week, chief operating officer Omar Haron said Friday.

    The new Evo X will be the third model to be introduced this year after the Triton Lite and Triton 3.2, he said at the New Straits Times (NST)-Maybank Car of the Year 2008 awards media launch.

    “This is among the ideal models from Mitsubishi and it is actually positioned at the top level of sportiveness. So, it’s on a higher level in terms of pricing and specifications,” Omar said.

    “Maybe the volume will not be large but we want the public that Mitsubishi has many models to offer,” he said.

    Asked on the possibility of Mitsubishi partnering with Proton, Omar said: “They have the prerogative to choose whoever they want to. As far Mitsubishi is concerned, we have our complete product line-up, so we are here to stay. We are not Proton.”

    On the awards, New Straits Times‘ group editor Datuk Syed Nadzri Syed Harun said it has 12 categories comprising entry level cars, premium small cars, family cars, executive and premium family cars, premium executive cars, limousines, sport and performance cars, midi multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs), MPVs, sport utility vehicles (SUVs), premium SUVs, and double cabs pick-up trucks.

    Syed Nadzri said so far this year, 51 new models had been launched and three more models were due to be launched next week.

    “We should close our Car of the Year award window this year with about 60 models, including variants and facelifts,” he said.


    mitsubishi lancer evo x malaysia

    The development concept for the all-new Lancer Evolution X specifies a “new-generation high-performance 4WD global sedan that allows all levels of driver to enjoy the car’s speed and handling with ease and in safety”.

    The new model features Mitsubishi’s S-AWC2 traction and handling system, that integrates the control of drive torque and braking management with the four-wheel drive system to help realise highly responsive and intuitive handling in addition to outstanding vehicle attitude stability.

    Other examples of Mitsubishi Motors’ latest automotive technology to be featured in the new model include a new lightweight and high-performance 2.0 litre turbocharged MIVEC3 engine with aluminium cylinder block and a 6-speed automated manual transmission that contributes to exceptional performance with improved fuel economy.

    The car’s performance-driven design makes the car’s extreme potential clear, while cockpit design focuses the driver’s attention on operating his machine.

    mitsubishi lancer evo x malaysia

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