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    Honda Fury chopper Honda chopper ride

    Guess what? This is a chopper produced by Honda that will make its debut today. In Malaysia, we rarely see chopper bike on the road maybe because it is too pricey for a motorcycle and better buy a new car with the same 1300cc with cheaper price and a roof to protect you from rain and hot.. =)

    Read some news from auto blog about this Honda Chopper Fury leaked image.

    Broken embargoes are becoming standard fare these days, so it’s not surprising to see an image or two of the Honda Fury factory chopper that have leaked to the internet a few days ahead of its official release. Whatever the reason or source of the information, here we are with a chopper-style machine powered by a 1300cc liquid-cooled V-Twin engine that seems to have shown up a bit late to the party. The Honda chopper movement that was so strong a few years back has mostly passed by, but we’re still glad to see Honda step out from its shell with a machine unlike what is offered by any of its most direct competitors.

    A front-mounted radiator hides between the frame rails and goes by mostly unnoticed, and a hidden rear shock attached to a 200mm rear tire allows for most of the hardtail look of a conventional chopper with none of the rough ride it creates. The raked-out front end holds a skinny 21-inch front tire that’s spooned on a seriously good-looking 9-spoke rim. A shaft drive takes the place of the much more common belt final drive. Stay tuned for all the sordid details on Friday when the bike is officially set to debut.

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    1. FuryIsUnleashed says:

      If you want to see more than just the leaked picture of the Honda Fury, then check out this video of the debut of the chopper at the New York Motorcycle Show. Watch it here: http://bit.ly/tHBG.

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