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    The replacement of the Honda CRX, the Honda CR-Z has been confirmed to enter production in beginning of 2010.The model will be first released in Japan this coming February and followed by a full-scale release across Europe and North America.

    The concept model features a rear seat, however there will be only two seats for the American version, based on the press release sent out by American Honda Motor Co.Designed with the idea of “low, short, and wide,” the CR-Z Concept shows sportier lines than the Honda Insight.


    It is unclear if the Japanese and European versions will only be available as a two-seater.  The North American market debut will take place in the “second half of 2010,” according to the statement.

    There is still no news whether the Japanese and European version will come out as a two seater or four seater.The North American market debut will take place in the “second half of 2010,” according to the statement.


    “We plan to launch a production automobile based on the CR-Z Concept 2009,” Ito told a gathered audience at the Tokyo Motor Show.  The CR-Z Concept 2009 is a hybrid powered by a 1.5-liter petrol i-VTEC engine and the IMA “highly efficient Honda hybrid system.”  The company claims it is the world’s first hybrid built with a six-speed manual transmission.


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