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    Confuse of gettting a bike or a car. Confuse no more with this one of a kind concept car. Some say its a bike while other says its a car. Which one is it actually? Well, its a combination of both. You can see the nomenclature  of a sport car at the front , but once you move rearward you will notice a superbike rear end.

    Hodge Hawk Concept

    This cute concept tricycle comes from the Kiwi-land, New Zealand. The Hodge Hawk concept is combining the compactness  of a motorbike and some of the practicality of a car.It also serve as future human mobility needs especially in the the compact and busy urban city.

    Designed by Alex Hodge it is powered by a Honda RC51 V-twin 999cc motor that revs up to a dizzy 10,000 rpm for a 120ps shot at the 19-inch front wheel. Hodge claims a 233km/h peak velocity on the three-wheeler.

    Hodge Hawk concept 2

    The concept bike looks very much like a car up front, complete with headlights and a windscreen stretching to the rear panorama-style The much needed aerodynamics is achieved by the carbon fiber and fiberglass outer shell which also offers the comfort of a car. The interior is a combination of molded plastic and leather trim, with digital dials giving you the vital information about your vehicle.

    Hodge Hawk concept Drawing

    Parking space is not going to be much of an issue with the Hawk, although it may not exactly fit into the same spaces as a regular motor bike

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