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    For today, I wont be talking about cars. But I will share something on what we might be driving on if we live somewhere else. The photos below shows few of the most dangerous road in the world.



    The two photos above is a road called the North Yungas Road and it is located in Bolivia. The road is considered the most dangerous road in the world for motorists. The highest point of the road is 3600m high. One simple mistake would lead you down the cliff. A fatal accident happens there every couple of weeks, 100-200 people perish there every year.


    This road might not be as dangerous as the first one. But this road is actually the official federal-government highway to Yakutsk, and it is also the only one to get there. They have no other choices but to go through this road. The condition got even worse when there is a heavy pour of rain.The road would literally eat any car,  suv or even truck which pass by.


    As for this one, the road is located at the Italian alps. Just look at all the hairpins corners at every end of the stretch. With 48 hairpins, this road is regarded as one of the finest continuous hairpin utes in the Alps. It would be one of the favourite place for ‘Touge‘  (a type of race across mountain pass which is famous in Japan) fans. But a mistake would lead you rolling down till the bottom.

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