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    chery eastar malaysia v5 crossover


    Guys..You can get a Chery Eastar only for RM55,169.80 (On the road price without insurance) in Langkawi. It is a good news for those who want to buy this car. For Enigma 4646 and friends, you should seek the owner of Chery Eastar there and ask them to join your Chery MPV Community (CMC).

    The Chery Eastar is a very new and nice car, furthermore, it is from a very new manufacturer which is just landed on shore for just few years. Chery Eastar (in Malaysia) or V5 Crossover (Worldwide) is a unique Crossover brought to malaysia by Chery Malaysia Alado Sdn Bhd. Although Chery is not famous yet in Malaysia, but Eastar had really made an impact for Chery. People start to know Chery by its Eastar model. People start to talk about its spacious, large engine and also its cheaper price.

    Chery Eastar MPV is powered by a 2.4-litre 4-cylinder SOHC 16-valve engine sourced from Mitsubishi. The Chery Eastar is an MPV that has been ideally structured to accommodate more passengers by being spacious. When we compare its spacious to its cheaper price, it is so valuable.

    It is a seven seater with foldable seats and a flexible seating arrangement to cater for leisure and loading needs.


    The owner of this Chery is Sham from Batu Pahat, Johor. He opted for a set of 17 inch alloy rims for his Chery MPV.The set of rims and tire set him back around RM2000-2500.

    Below are some modifications done by Enigma 4646 (CMC Founder) on his Chery Eastar:

    1) Checkers Plate for side step
    2) Lamp tinted / fog lamp / rear reverse lamp etc
    3) Mitsubishi emblem / stickers etc
    4) Carbon Fibre sticker for rear lamp , front grill , door trim , gear knob etc
    5) Non slip mat for dashboard area, gear knob, center console area etc
    6) Waja Car antenna
    7) Sun Visor DVD player

    chery eastar malaysia v5 crossover 0

     Chery Eastar own by Enigma 4646 (CMC Founder)

    You also can make some modification on your Chery Eastar and change your ideas or opinion with the other Eastar owner below:


    chery eastar malaysia v5 crossover 1

    Chery Eastar/V5 Crossover in white colour.


    Engine code  4G64S4M
    Number of cylinders 4 in line
    Valve mechanism 16 valves SOHC
    Fuel injection system Electronic Multipoint Injection
    Displacement (cc) 2350
    Fuel tank capacity (L) 62
    Fuel consumption at 90KM/h(Litres/100km) 8.8
    Maximum speed (km/h) 178
    Fuel type Unleaded Gasoline
    Acceleration 11s (0-100kmh)

    chery eastar malaysia v5 crossover 2

    chery eastar malaysia v5 crossover rear view

    Chery Eastar, looks smart with the spoiler and bodykit.

    Chery Eastar Interior

     Chery Eastar dashboard, looks luxury..



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    13 Responses

    1. ahamdnisfu says:

      Wow, so cheap in langkawi. Worth buy. Geng Chery kat Langkawi, tunggu apa lagi, cepat join CMC. Boleh kongsi info.

    2. Enigma4646 says:

      Ehem Ehem ….Bro ….tu gambo lame tu ……aku rasa ada lagi gambo yg lagi mantop …..kat CMC forum dan lowyat.net

      anyway…..to Mr Editor …..tq for support CMC and Chery amnya…..

      Double thumbs up for you bro !!!

    3. tr_bad29 says:

      Boleh tumpang tanya? Skirting dan spoiler belakang tu dapat kat mana ye?

    4. Joko says:

      Chery ni aku minat tang lampu depan yg sporty tu… (yg berdiri sebelah lampu tu pun okey gak)

    5. B@bah says:

      Chery Easter design ok, cantik. Minat juga, on my car list.
      Walaupun engine Mitsubishi, tapi aku was2….
      Sebab Made In China…………

    6. keep Right2 says:

      My easter masih ori. Sebab Saya support Chery. Yang sedihnya Mr president Easter yg di lantik & rakan2, dah pelekat logo Mitsubishi.. apa hal?

    7. zenvo says:

      wat a ruddy car!! i support proton!!!

    8. Joko says:

      Rasanya model yg kat malaysia tak ada sun roof kut..apa2 pun yg kaler biru tu nampak langsing skit….:)

    9. kaymie says:

      minat betul dgn chery eastar..kaler biru tu peh…MANTOP. Setuju dgn Joko, nampak langsing..

    10. kaymie says:

      Chery Eastar memang MANTOP..

    11. cherry says:

      cherry ni teknologi lama…1989-1990an…
      aku baru perasan bila g kedai sparepart terjumpa overhault kit untuk cherry ni…dah ada orang kena overhault..dan tertulis pada kit ni for 1989-1990an harga RM280 complete set

    12. Mikey78 says:

      SALAM.. Adakah berbaloi nak beli Chery Easter ni? Aku rasa Citra lagi berbaloi.. Apa komen kengkawan?

    13. rusdibakar says:

      Test drive dulu dua-dua mpv ni.. Kalau boleh test kat semua jenis road condition.. Kalau ada kawan yang dah pakai mpv ni lagi bagus.. Lepas tu anda sendiri boleh buat pilihan

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