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    Ambulance is one of the vehicle that you wouldnt even think of having a ride on. And if you had to be taken into one, what model of the ambulance would it be? Most probably it would be a Toyota Liteace or Inokom or Iveco and some other models.Whatever it is, all the current ambulance is nothing special.But what happen if the Ambulance is a super nice car? Would you pretend to be sick to get a free ride?


    Behold, the BMW X6 xDrive50i. If this is the Ambulance are being used in Malaysia, I dont mind pretending to be sick to get a free ride.It is simply amazing to have a BMW X6 as an ambulance. And maybe, someone who is sick will get cured right after they enter the beemer.Well, thats not quite true .But still, an X6 ambulance.Would it make you feel better?


    The ambulance is not the ordinary X6. In fact, it is the xDrive50i version which is powered by a 407 horsepower 4.4-liter V8.With this much power, the rate of in ambulance fatality would be reduced as the ambulance would make it to the hospital much more faster.Even if takes a long time to a hospital, the X6 is well equipped with all the emergency equipments found in other ambulance.


    If you take a look at the xterior, you can see dozens of LED lighting. I guess it had become a trend now.There is an LED pane l at the grill, under the grill and even at the fender. Even the siren light is made of LED. But it does look nice and attractive at the same time. That is what an Ambulance should be, attractive.So people would know that there is an ambulance around them and give priority to them.


    The colour of choice is silver with an orange coloured stripe or vinyl and everything else is the same as the normal X6. But seriously speaking, will you ever get a chance to be on one?Well if you live in German,  maybe one day, you’ll get rescued by the sport suv ambulance.And if you are interested to look at one, head on to the RETTmobil trade show for rescue and mobility vehicles in Germany as it will be premiered there.

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