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    Audi has announced that the first Audi A1 quattro prototype has started testing on the snow-laden roads around Montreal. The Audi A1 quattro is the first premium subcompact hatchback that will be fitted with an all-wheel-drive system. The Audi A1 quattro uses a similar technology as the A3 and TT models, which includes an electronically controlled, hydraulically actuated multi-plate clutch located in front of the rear axle. This architecture gives the Audi A1 quattro an optimized distribution of weight. The Audi A1 quattro has, inside this system, a package of plates that rotate in an oil bath.

    While driving in normal parameters, the Audi A1 quattro sends most of its power to the front wheels. When the front wheels of the Audi A1 quattro lose grip, the clutch immediately send power to the rear wheels, by forcing the plate packages together. The get the required oil pressure, the Audi A1 quattro is equipped with a pressure reservoir that helps the electric pump.


    Kia has released three 2012 Kia Rio sketches, previewing the next generation model which will be unveiled at the at the Geneva Motor Show on Tuesday, March 1 2011. Kia describes the next generation 2012 Kia Rio as having a powerful, bold design, that follows the lines of the brand’s design revolution. The 2012 Kia Rio will be wider, linger and lower than the current model, offering more interior space.

    No actual details of the 2012 Kia Rio have been revealed yet, however, some ‘corporate’ info has been released. According to Kia’s Chief Design Officer, Peter Schreyer, the 2012 Kia Rio has a swept-back profile. The 2012 Kia Rio also has a character line which offers a sense of movement and fluidity, even when stationary.

    Kia also says the 2012 Kia Rio has a driver oriented interior and that it anticipates the new gen model will be even more popular than the current one.

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