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    One of the most expensive car to be, the Aston Martin ONE-77 full-sized mock-up had been revealed at the Geneva Motor Show.From my point of view, the car is no more an ordinary supercar, its a work of art.Inheriting the perfect body curve from its ‘DB‘ series, the looks is just to good to be true.But with a price tag of £1.2m, even the rich and famous would think twice to spend that amount of money on a car.But if i were them, there wont be any second thought.

    ONE-77 road

    The Aston Martin One-77 is a sport coupe is powered with a handmade 700hp 7.3 -litre engine which has been developed with Cosworth and will be assembled at its Northampton base, rather than in Germany like other Aston engines.It’s set well back and very low in the chassis, giving it that front mid-engined configuration that should give the dynamics of a rear mid-engined supercar without the edgy handling.
    The engine is then mated to a 6 speed transmission and of course, controlled via steering column mounted paddles. It’s a new generation of Aston Martin’s familiar robotised sequential manual. Though it’s made specifically for the One-77 and features specially strengthened internals to cope with the tremendous power and torque, the lessons learned in its development will ultimately find their way into the company fs series production models.

    One-77 frontv

    One-77 chassis

    One-77 rear

    Aston Martin’s engineers fitted the One 77 with a double wishbone suspension and fully adjustable dampers featuring Dynamic Suspension Spool Valve (DSSV) technology, a world-first for a road car application according to the British firm. These special valves are state-of-the-art even at the highest levels of motorsport,
    The projected weight of 1,500kg the One-77, top speed in excess of 200mph and 0-60 mph in around 3.5sec sign off the One-77 into the very top bracket of the ultra supercars. But let’s not forget that as well as raw numbers, the One-77 promises an unrivalled combination of driving experience and automotive art.

    One-77 rear door

    If you’re wondering what does the number 77 got to do with the car it is actualy the number of production of the car. Yes, only 77 unit of the masterpiece will be built worldwide.

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