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    Asian automotive industry had grown tremendously and soon it will play a bigger role in the global automotive industry.Read the full news from Bernama below.



    KUALA LUMPUR,  — Asian companies will have a bigger role to play once the global automotive market starts to see positive growth next year, said Vivek Vaidya, the director of automotive and transportation, Asia Pacific, Frost & Sullivan.

    He said the automotive industry would be fuelled by growth in demand and better sentiment due to the underlying global economic recovery.

    “There is likely to be more sourcing of components from the Asean region. Companies may also relocate their plants to Asean from Europe or North America,” Vaidya said at a seminar on Thailand and Asean co-operation in automotive parts and accessories here Wednesday.

    The seminar is part of Thailand’s Department of Export Promotion, Ministry of Commerce road show to promote the country’s Auto Parts and Accessories (TAPA) 2010 Exhibition in Bangkok.

    The event will be from April 28-May 2 next year.

    The vice president of the Thai Auto-Parts Manufacturers Association (TAPMA), Achana Limpaitoon said Asean had an even stronger role to play when it becomes a Free Trade Area (FTA) next year.

    “The lifting of trade barriers will help Asean to be market competitive against major players such as China,” she told reporters after the seminar.

    She said Asean’s automotive players had the competitive edge to produce quality parts at attractive prices.

    According to Limpaitoon, Thailand is keen to work closely with other Asean countries to promote and develop the region as an auto parts and accessories sourcing hub.

    “Thailand has the strongest original equipment and manufacturing (OEM) and replacement equipment manufacturing (REM) capability in Asia, with more than 200 billion baht annually in export value,” she highlighted.

    The executive director, Office of Export Service 2 of the Department of Export Promotion (DEP), Supapat Ongsangkoon said Asean is currently the eighth largest automotive production base in the world.

    He said that TAPA 2010 is an excellent platform to enhance co-operation in the automotive industry as well as to strengthen the market potential within Asean.

    “TAPA will bring together more than 500 exhibitors across Asean at the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center in Bangna, Bangkok,” he added.

    According to Ongsangkoon, more than 16,000 visitors from Asean, Africa, India, Bangladesh, China, Japan, the Middle East, Europe, Latin America and the United States are expected to attend the event.

    He said that in terms of having a strong local branding for the automotive industry in Asean, Malaysia is a leader.

    “Malaysia is an important export market for Thai auto parts and accessories with an export value of about US$290.82 million for the six-months until June 2009,” he said.

    Thailand’s total exports for motor cars, parts and accessories until June this year amounted to US$4.62 billion, acccording to data from the Board of Investment, Thailand.

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    4 Responses

    1. apa2 ajer says:

      kalau faktor kadar cukai import maksimum 5% maksimum dipatuhi semua anggota ASEAN, Malaysia terutamanya.. kalau kelonggaran diberi pada pengeluar automatif untuk pegang syer lebih 505 dalam sykt usahasama ASEAN – negara bukan ASEAN, insyaallah ASEAN akn jadi spt Jerman, China, Jepun, Korea dan USA

    2. Let the free market rule. Government should stay out.

    3. Man says:

      All countries around the world protect their home industries, even Europe that protects their agricultural industries.

    4. apa2 ajer says:


      tak habis2 hang ngan ” protect agriculture” hang..
      negara kita pun protect “ agriculture “ macam eropah tu.. cth plg mudah subsidi beras, caj cukai import ke atas beras siam
      yang negara2 eropah tidak sama sekali protect industri automatif diaorang, hang x mau sebut pulak dah.. brp lama kita da protect industri automatif kita ?

      Proton dimulakan 1984 tetapi sebelum 1984 lagi Malaysia dah terbabit dalam industri ini ( pengeluaran tayar dll ).. tetapi apa hasilnya selepas 25 tahun ?

      sebab tu lah kita kena bagi peluang pulak untuk dasar baru menggantikan dasar lama yg terbukti gagal.. dasar terbuka ni kerajaan untung ( rakyat suka – sokong kerajaan ), rakyat lagi untung ( harga kereta murah ) dan industri pun untung ( persaingan adil ).. last2 industri itu sendiri akan berkembang

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