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    Hyundai Korea recently unveiled its fluidic design of upcoming New Sonata 2010 sixth generation 6 speed with totally refreshed interior, exterior and performance. The new facelift sonata will be competing in mid size sedan segment and surely will get its own attraction from the improved fuel consumption with the new theta engine developed by Hyundai. Here we would like to share some specification and pictures of the upcoming 2010 new Hyundai Sonata base on Korea Domestic Spec.


    (Seoul, Korea) Hyundai Motor Company’s all-new Sonata, being introduced, is expected to shake up the world’s mid-size sedan market with its daring design.


    The 2010 Sonata adopts Hyundai’s new “fluidic sculpture” design language, boasts outstanding performance with the segment-leading safety features and fuel consumption efficiency. Incorporating state-of-the-art technologies, the new Sonata will further elevate the Hyundai brand.


    The exterior design of the new Sonata exudes a voluminous look that creates character through the refined and harmonized lines. The interior has a dynamic look that matches the exterior while not compromising comfort or convenience. The Sonata is available in nine exterior colors, from Remington Red to Blue Black to Espresso, satisfying the diverse tastes of younger customers.



    The new Sonata delivers powerful performance through its 2-liter Theta II MPi gasoline engine (Max output 165ps, Max torque of 20.2?·m). Delivering the highest fuel economy in its segment at 12.8 kilometers per liter, fuel consumption FC is more than 11% improved compared with today’s Sonata. Furthermore, all engines are offered with a new six-speed automatic transmission for heightened performance.


    To meet the most stringent automotive safety and crash requirements, the Sonata is built with hot-stamped ultra high-strength steel while featuring six standard airbags.


    In addition, safety has been upgraded with standard Vehicle Dynamic Control including Hill-start Assist Control and Brake Assist System functions-an industry first in this competitive segment.


    The new Sonata comes with a three-piece panoramic sunroof, giving a sense of openness and freedom as well as a stylish look. The Parking Guide System (PGS) allows drivers to avoid obstacles during parallel parking or when driving in reverse. The Dimension premium sound system offers high-quality sound in three types of modes to satisfy customers’ wide-ranging musical tastes.


    The Mozen system, a telematics service that debuted in 2003 in Korea, has evolved to become more sophisticated, offering more diverse and upgraded multi-media and IT functions. The newly applied Mozen Premium Wide Navigation system provides drivers with a faster communication service through the third-generation WCDMA wireless network. For two years, it also offers free safety services such as an SOS and anti-theft tracking service. The audio-visual functions have been upgraded with the 8-inch wide screen and JBL Premium Sound system.


    In the new Sonata, Hyundai offers a wireless vehicle monitoring service-another industry first– through the Mozen Autocare service, linking the vehicle’s electronic control systems to a monitoring center. The center checks various components for errors, informs the driver of the analysis, and provides directions to nearby service centers, saving time for drivers.


    The new Sonata’s price will range from US$17,600 to US$21,450 (RM61.6k – RM75k in Korea)


    Hyundai is confident that the new Sonata, with vastly improved features, will attract and satisfy new as well as current customers. The added specifications are as follows: VDC, Electronic Parking Brake, Amplitude Selective Dampers, High Mounted Stop Lamp, Rear Heated Seats.

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    8 Responses

    1. Lorenzoo OO oo OO says:

      When will intro in Malaysian market???

      So beautiful design…


    2. apa2 ajer says:

      depan kurang gorgeous… belakang dan tepi memang aku minat habis

    3. apa2 ajer says:

      RM 61, 000 dengan enjin 2.0..byk murah woo ngan design cun lak tu.. tp masuk Mesia nanti byk sedih sbb harga cukai kerajaan sapu byk sgt konpem RM 150, 000 ke atas.. bilalah Proton nak hasilkan kereta 2.0 ngan design cun ngan harga sama atau lebih murah dari hyundai sonata yg dah popular ni

    4. Norman says:

      Maaf kalau gua ckp,Kadang spec Hyundai dan Kia ni memang mengancam,2.0 165ps/204nm,FC 12.8km/L tapi bila dah pakai baru tahu minyak mentekedarah.Mcm Kia Forte 1.6 minyak memang ratah sebab chassis berat,Tapi spec selamba letak 12.5km/L walhal baru dpt 10.3km/L

    5. apa2 ajer says:

      tul la minyak mengkedarah terutama KIA.. hyundai gua x tau tp yg penting kenapa sykt2 ni boleh jual kereta harga murah tp proton x boleh.. itu yang gua heran ngan proton ni, lain2 gua x kisah tapi pasal harga gua sgt kisah..

    6. yob says:

      btol2…aku pon xpuas ati kete mesie mhl…kalo nak mhl biarlah kualiti same ngan kete2 laen…pasal perfomance ke design ke…aku xkesa sgt la…sebab proton baru lagi kan…

    7. apa2 ajer says:

      hehe.. price la yg plg penting kalau kita survey pendapat rakyat Malaysia.. design ngan performance no2.. x paham2 ke Proton kereta hampa tu terlampau mahal compare kereta import enjin yang sama

    8. Lorenzoo OO oo OO oo says:

      Hye BACk !!!

      Agreed with u all guys..

      Kia cars used outdated tech compare with their weight also nonsence.
      And Kia car still have production of their old 2.0 with 4 gear auto. ( Honda City and Jazz both used 5-speed auto maa )
      The CV VT tech like nothing much better than the old Mazda ( 1999 and below ) engine.

      Baru pakai memang lee best..sedap..

      Here are the fact….—Use ur Kia cars at highway only.If use on everyday road…confirm laa petrol parak..Time balik kampong jee laa gune
      I cakap pasal 2 tahun merane pkai kete KIA….

      Sape-sape cakap pasal KIA bagus sangat tu sebab die baru pakai tak sampai setahun.


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