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    2010 Lotus Exige Fronts

    Try to ask around one simple question. Is a sports car a fuel guzzler? The answer would definetely be yes. But not in the case of the latest 2010 Lotus Elise and Exige. Eventhough it is a pure-bred sportscar the fuel consumption had turn out better than the previous model.It seems that lotus still care to improve their eco-credential. They had performed various tweaks on both car’s powertrains and aerodynamics to bring down up to 9% reduction in CO2 emissions and a much better fuel economy.

    2010 Lotus Exige Wheels

    According to Lotus press release, the combined cycle of the Elise S shows the greatest improvement in the fuel efficiency.The magical numbers are an increased of 3.2 mpg UK or 2.7mpg US (a decrease of 0.7 l/100km), from 34.0 mpg UK or 28.3 mpg US (8.3 l/100 km) to 37.mpg UK or 31mpg US (7.6 l/100km).

    2010 Lotus Exige Sides

    The CEO of Group Lotus plc, Mike Kimberley stated;”The Lotus philosophy of performance through light weight is even more relevant in today’s emission focused ecological world. This design philosophy has enabled Lotus to offer fantastic levels of performance, with Lotus cars being some of the greenest performance cars on the market”

    2010 Lotus Exige Light2

    Fuel Consumption And CO2 Emission Of The Exige And Elise

    Lotus Elise S

    CO2 Emision : 179 g/km CO2

    Fuel Consumption : 7.6 l/100 km Combined Cycle
    10.6 l/100 km Urban Cycle
    5.8 l/100 kmĀ  Extra Urban Cycle

    2010 Lotus Exige Aft

    Lotus Elise R

    CO2 Emision :196 g/km CO2

    Fuel Consumption : 8.2 l/100 km- Combined Cycle
    11.6 l/100 km – Urban Cycle
    6.2 l/100 km – Extra Urban Cycle

    Lotus Elise SC

    CO2 Emission : 199 g/km CO2

    Fuel Consumption : 8.5 l/100 km – Combined Cycle
    11.8 l/100 km – Urban Cycle
    6.4 l/100 km – Extra Urban Cycle

    2010 Lotus Exige Rears

    Lotus Exige S

    CO2 Emission :199 g/km CO2

    Fuel Consumption : 8.5 l/100 km – Combined Cycle
    11.9 l/100 km – Urban Cycle
    6.5 l/100km – Extra Urban Cycle.

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