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  • 2012 NISSAN JUKE SHIRO + 2013 PEUGEOT 208

    Nissan Juke Shiro, a new top of the range version of the hugely successful Juke, has arrived giving greater choice to customers looking for a car that’s truly distinctive. Launched at the 2012 Brussels Motor Show, Nissan Juke Shiro is aptly named.


     Shiro means white in Japanese, and the interior of the new version is dominated by a number of white flashes. The centre console, inspired by the shape of a motorcycle fuel tank, has until now only been available in red or grey in Shiro, it’s white. It’s the same story when it comes to the door armrests which have white cappings.

     The leather wrapped steering wheel, gear lever knob and the edges of the leather seats all feature white stitching while the seats themselves have a double layer feature on the squab and backrest with a white background colour that shows through the perforated leather facing. Against a predominantly black and dark grey interior, the white elements provide a chic contrast and give customers even more opportunity to personalise their Juke.

     Externally, Nissan Juke Shiro can be identified by its stylish dark grey 17-inch alloy wheels, the satin silver finish to the door handles and mirror caps and the glossy B-pillar. Although Juke Shiro is available in any of the colours available to all Juke models, it does have one unique hue in its palette, Nightshade, a sophisticated deep aubergine colour.

    2013 PEUGEOT 208

    Right from the start of the project, the technical choices structuring the “A9” project, internal code name of the Peugeot 208 were directed on the basis of the PSA Group’s platform 1 to obtain a particularly efficient “architectural performance” in order to obtain a vehicle which is compact, light, spacious and aerodynamic.

     To obtain a maximum reduction in the weight of the vehicle, a true “hunt to eliminate excess weight” took place at the same time to create, overall, a “virtuous spiral”, favouring fuel consumption, passive safety and the dynamic performance of the vehicle. The front face, a true genetic signature, unveils a new, particularly charismatic face of the Marque. Its feline expression is more modern, rich and refined, with, in particular according to version, LEDs and a light guide emphasising the expression of the headlamp unit, both day and night. The same care is given to each part, such as the treatment given to the foglamp surrounds.

     As for the grille, this is modelled as a true floating sculpture. In fact, it appears to detach itself from the bodywork and float in the air, with its chrome surround of precisely formed sections. Inside it, a full and technological mesh, or chrome bars, reinforce the modernity and richness of the line. With this original design, it successfully expresses the idea of environmental efficiency the optimised size of the air intake in fact suggests optimisation of its fuel consumption.

     The muscular sculpted body sides offer an identity, a posture which is very different in the 3-door and 5-door body types. The doors of this latter appear to be crossed by a “nerve” running from the rear lamps towards the front. On the top of the range versions, the glazing is entirely surrounded with chrome, a feature never seen before in the segment. The profile of the 3-door is much more sculpted, hollowed out, in the image of the SR1 concept car presented in January 2010 and chronologically designed alongside the 208. Another detail on this, the shape and movement of the quarter panel look at a glance like that of the 205, another iconic Peugeot.

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