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    Civic Hybrid

    New contribution from Norfarahin Arif

    Hi everyone.I’m Norfarahin Arif, a student from one of the IPTA in Malaysia.I need to do some assignment about ” Why Hybrid cars are getting lukewarm respone in Malaysia? ” I have read the Poll from Bernama about this topic.Below are the results:

    Distrust in the technology – 6%
    Doubts in the maintenance – 17%
    The higher price – 52%
    Too few model options – 8%
    Lack of publicity – 11%
    Let-others-try-first attitude – 6%

    So. here, I need help from you all to give your opinion.”Why Hybrid cars are getting lukewarm respone in Malaysia?” Hope you guys can help me to get some information so that I can finish my assignment.Thank you for those who want to help me and thank you also to KDI editors because give me chance to post here.


    Toyota Prius Hybrid

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    4 Responses

    1. muaz says:

      pertama skali krn kt malaysia hanya ada 1 je model hybrid, honda civic hybrid
      harga nya pula mahal. kadar utk maintenance juga tak dapat dipastikan, mungkin murah, mungkin mahal. salah satu sebab juga kerana kurang kesedaran untuk guna kenderaan hybrid. selain itu, honda claim civic hybrid boleh dapat lebih kurang 20 – 25 km per liter, tetapi apabila di pandu uji oleh beberapa majalah kereta terkemuka, amat susah untuk mendapatkan nilai penjimatan seperti yg dijanjikan, kemudiannya tak semestinya kenderaan hybrid sahaja yg boleh mengurangkan penggunaan petrol, malah kini sudah ada kenderaan diesel yg terbukti lebih jimat drpd hybrid tetapi malangnya tidak boleh dipasarkan di sini krn mutu diesel negara yg amat rendah
      harap dpt membantu sedikit sebanyak.

    2. Niemans says:

      If you watch the film “The Day The Earth Stood Still” staring Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Connelly; the conversations goes at Dr Karl Thomas Barnhardt’s house:

      Dr Barnhardt: There must be alternatives..You must have some technology that could solve our problem!
      Klaatu (Reeves): Your problem is not technology. The problem is YOU. You LACK the WILL to change.
      Dr Barnhardt: Then help us change.
      Klaatu: I cannot change your nature. You treat the world as your treat each other.
      Dr Barnhardt: But every civilization reaches a crisis point eventually.
      Klaatu: Most of them don’t.
      Dr Barnhardt: Yours did. How?
      Klaatu: Our sun was dying..we have to evolve in order to survive.
      Dr Barnhardt: So it was only only when your world was threatened with destruction-that you became what you are now.
      Klaatu: Yes
      Dr Barnhardt: Well, that’s where we are. You say we’re on the brink of destruction and you were right. But its only on the BRINK that people find the will to change. Only at the PRECIPICE do we evolve.

      Well, there you have it! Which I think sums up the reasons why hybrid getting lukewarm response not only in Malaysia but at the world itself!

      Currently our petrol price is the cheapest in 5 years. Now why would people want to save further? It is already cheap ma. There is NO motivation like the carrot dangling in front of the car buyers. Neither are we guided to behave like the good samaritan who wants to save the world by using lesser petrol and discharging less polutant. Also Malaysian are horses power hungry lot. Given the opportunity of owning a similar value RM120K car-do you think that they want to be saddled with a slowmo?

      As for your research paper why don’t you directly ask HONDA Malaysia? I doubt you be given the correct answers as it will be a public relations disaster if they do!

    3. Norman says:

      Hybrid ade kelebihan dan kekurangan.Gua keja kat S’pore Airport,Equipment banyak Hybrid sebab kadang2 terpaksa masuk Baggage area.Kalau Hybrid menggunakan bateri dan minyak apabila bateri kondem performance minyak pun kureng.Kalau dua switch nasib baik tapi satu ade yang tersadai tepi jalan.Hybrid menggunakan CNG dan minyak bagus sikit tapi tong gas menjadi faktor beban.So for the time being Turbodiesel cars are the fav choice.Ade pick up,mid range dan jimat minyak tapi speedo kurang accurate sebab rpm naik cepat sangat.Kalau kat Europe boleh nampak turbodiesel lebih banyak dari petrol..

    4. Niemans says:

      Currently all automotive engineering were concentrated on fossil fuel technology. Car makers worldwide focused in designing a more efficient engine plus all the razzmataz to make the engine greener, consume less fuel, etc. The point here is the FOCUS and DIRECTION.

      There are positive signs of manufacturers in moving towards hybrid system using solar power, battery fuel cells with combustion, etc. I even suspect that a better and complete hybrid system than what we’ve seen-already being developed and ready; so much so the suspicion even bordering to conspiration teory.

      I think we won’t see any good response to hybrid system in any near future because of two (2) major reasons:

      1. Public or market acceptance of currently available hybrid technology-notwithstanding in Malaysia we’ve a good hybrid car in HONDA.
      2. The all powerful oil & gas industries, lobbyists, major oil conglomerate, and any socio economic form of association with it. They dictate the FOCUS and DIRECTION. Just imagine-what will happen to world economies or even to goverments and countries if someone launch to the market a car running efficiently solely only battery or nitrogen/hidrogen which are found in abundance?

      When we look at the topic ‘lukewarm response in Malaysia’, I can’t help but to analyze the macro part of it-because in reality Malaysia is really a very small market for any major automative shake-up such as the hybrid car.

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