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    Most of drivers will feel panic when just after experiencing car accident. What to do? To make a police report or not? How to deal with that condition?

    So here we would like to discuss more about it. Depending on what type of accident. Light or heavy. With car, bicycle, motorbikes, lorry or people walking around.


    Some people will act so rude and stupid when involved in accidents. Like run away after hit somebody, fighting with each other just like the video below and did not want to be responsible for what he or she had done due to their mistake.

    [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jhMNpwe8ow 425 344]

    This is quite embarrasing and we as an adult should behave nicely and wisely in going through this situation. Basically, when you involved in an accident, if you are able to get your car parked at the roadside, do so and do not disturbed the traffic.

    Get out of your car and inspect the damage due to the accident and make sure the other party stop at the road side too. If not, try to memories the plate number and quickly write it down anywhere or in your handphone.

    If the other party run away, go to the nearest police station to make a police report.

    If you can discuss with the other party that involved in the accident, try to talk on how to settle it down. To do a police report or just settle between both party.

    Identify who actually do the mistake. Basically, the car behind that hit the car in front is the one to be blamed due to not taking care of it’s safe distance forward. No matter what the condition is.

    If the damage is not too bad, like scratch on bumper, or any damage on bumper, the owner of the car at the back must pay for the damage of the car in front. Bumper damage will cost around RM50 (scratch cover with paint) to RM500 (replacing bumper with paint) depends on type of bumper.

    To be safe and smart, just save the contact number of the owner of any car involved, and get the exact cost of repair after the car has been repaired and claim or pay for it.

    But if the damage is too bad due to the accident and will cost more to repair the car, it is better to make a police report to enable you to claim for insurance to repair the car. Claiming your car insurance will cause you not receiving any reduced amount of insurance to be paid for the next year.

    Before you make a police report, call and ask your trusted insurance agent first to get some people to help you to make the police report and send a car tower to you. They knows well on how to handle this stuff. That is why it is important to know someone that can help you in case you involved in an accident.

    I might missed some points here. So lets share your experience here.


    Bagaimana menghadapi kemalangan jalanraya?

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