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    Volkswagen Malaysia FB flooded with bad post and comments from VW car owners especially their bad VW Golf, Polo, Passat, Jetta and others with DSG gearbox and unreliable engine problem. We were very shocked when we found a lot of customer complaint inside their official wall.

    Some of them call VW as the Very Worst car brand with so many problem and they regret owning a money sucker car from VW. Read more bad experience from some of VW owners below.


    VW = Very Worst brand, fyi it is problematic car, with that price shud consider others. Had changed my engine after 10 months and Very Worst after sales service…

    hear that lot of complaint after sales service abt DSG all vw car….?o

    Its a problematic car. My 2 years car had been in & out service centre for nearly 15 times.

    Crazy pricing and lousy after sale service. Might as well get a Mercedes for that price.

    Customer service is terrible seriously

    service are poooooooooooooooooor.

    Problematic car. Bad after sale service. When you buy a rm200K car, you don’t expect all this trauma and hassles.


    Nicole Wong:
    I always believe Volkswagen is a trustworthy brand and customers’ satisfaction is always the company’s highest priority. But I’m very sad to say I’m very disappointed with my experience this time with your company.

    My car is among one of the recall units for replacement of mechatronics of DSG gearbox due to manufacturer’s defect. On 6 Aug 2013, as scheduled, I sent in my car to your Ipoh road service centre to perform the repair works.

    Unfortunately, my car has yet to be fixed and returned to me up till today, which is at least 10 working days since the day I sent in my car. I’m very disappointed because I didn’t expect the repair work to take so long. As stated in your letter, the checks and all necessary repair works will only require 3 hours to be completed.

    I truly understand that my case is a ‘special’ case as explained by your service supervisor. However it is still very unfair to me as it has caused me a lot of inconveniences. Appreciate the initiative to give me a courtesy car since 7 Aug 2013, the second day I sent in my car, but disappointingly, I have yet be given a courtesy car until today.

    I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my problem.


    Chan Char :

    Its an agonizing 1 hour drive from KL to your service center at Jln 222 without AIRCON!!! Just bought the car for 2 months and its giving me quite a number of issues.

    1. Aircon died on me.
    2. Exzos is making some weird noises.
    3. Vibrating while changing from gear 5 to 6.
    4. And others.

    And I thought German made cars are of higher quality.

    Really disappointed.

    Vijay Ananth :

    Yet another horrible experience with Volkswagen Malaysia. My car could not start this morning! Called up the so called premium 24hours auto assist. First call 20 mins to get through, after taking down my details they tell me they can only deploy the tow truck in about an hour, so scheduled for 3pm so I can get to work but I get an SMS stating tow truck will be over in 0 mins! So I waited for 10 mins for tow truck guy to call but no one did, I called back the “premium” auto assist and after 35 mins of answering machine putting me on hold, someone answers me and tell me no the tow truck will come only at 3pm, then why send a false text and keep me waiting for no reason? Since I am already super late for work I told them to just send the tow truck immediately! They said it will be here in 45mins to an hour. After 40mins of waiting tow truck guy calls and asks for address and tell me they just got the order and will be here in about an hours time! What an excellent quality and customer service! It is a disgrace if this company is ISO 9001 certified! My gear box problem is also not solved and I’ve been waiting for 3 months already. Apparently VW forgot to register my car with allianze insurance for their extended warranty program so they are just making me wait and the car condition deteriorate!! I’ve asked for my car to be rectified first while the paper works sorted out also they could not consider!! So many calls that I make are also not entertained or returned? Complain on Facebook wall, someone took my details down and tells me they are attending to it but apparently another paper work created with no answer!!! You guys are really terrible! I really am regretting buying Volkswagen, my Honda was way more reliable and I got much better care from Honda service center!!
    My details if anyone is interested in helping, mail me at [email protected]


    Yeehang :

    To person in charge of customer services, I am currently driving a Volkswagen CC Sport 2013 just bought it in the early 2013. Not even driving it for a year and I am returning to Volkswagen service center for 4 times due to the problem of AIR BAG INDICATOR. The last time was on 14 of Aug and today, 16 of Aug, the air bag indicator light up again for no reason. Several times i returning to Volkswagen Service Center located in Cheras Selatan and the technician told me they cant detect any faulty on the system and they just some how turn off the indicator light and it will light up again after few days or weeks. I felt very frustrated of wasting my precious time going back there to fix it again and again. It is very unprofessional for the technician of Volkswagen as they can’t even fix a small problem of my car for so many times and wasting all my time returning to a so called VOLKSWAGEN SERVICE CENTER. It is very disappointing on the quality of Volkswagen (GERMAN AUTOMOBILE) providing on a RM 250,000 car, and the skill of the technician. This nightmare experience really ruined the image of Volkswagen in my mind and I THINK VOLKSWAGEN MIGHT NOT BE MY FUTURE CHOICE ANYMORE if the problem still on going. I would be highly appreciate if Volkswagen Malaysia could take my case seriously and send me some truly certified and professional technician to fix my problems as I do not hope to visit the service center every month. Thank you very much and highly appreciate if you could fix my problem.


    Nalliah :

    I am a owner of Volkswagen Passat.  I bought the car in July 2012.  I drove the car from Sitiawan to Nilai.  Parked the car in Nilai, the next morning could not start the car.  Battery knocked off.  Called the service center in Seremban, just told me off, sorry can’t do anything because of the Raya Holidays.  Ok…when can this problem be rectified when asked, only on Monday (12/08/2013) that is today.  Our holidays planned were all gone by the wind.

    Borrowed my son-in-laws car to come back to my hometown, assuring my son-in-law that the car battery will be replaced on Monday, since his day off (12/08/2013).  He can tow the car to the nearest service station to replace the battery and use the Volkswagen to go to work the next day.

    Imagine, how pissed off one can be when you are told no battery to replace because no stock after towing the car to the nearest service station.

    They have to order for the battery and you can get it replaced only next Monday.

    No way ……..my son is now still waiting there in service station for the problem to be rectificed.

    What is the use of all the flowery advertisements….when Volkwagen Malaysia can’t even get the battery replaced immediately.

    My long weekend, was a horrible one with my Volkswagen Passat just a 1 year old car.


    Eric :

    Seriously volkswagen, you SUCK!!!
    U ruin my raya holiday with a bus noise engine today n cant get it fix cuz u n ur men is goin raya?
    I just serviced my car a month ago and it start giving me problems after a month, r u kidding me?
    2012 raya u ruin it too with a battery failure.
    Seriously u suck to the max!!!


    Hanushia :

    It has finally come to a point in which I have totally lost respect and faith in this very prestigious brand. Recently I got into an accident, in which i was hit from the back by a careless Myvi driver. So i decided to bring my car to the same VW dealer I got my car from. I am going to place the bitter moments chronologically:

    1) The paint job (prior to the accident) was bad, so they promised to fix this issue by granting me a courtesy car in return
    2) Unfortunately the accident occurred
    3) The marketing personnel was kind enough to extend the duration of loan of the courtesy car from 3 days to as long as it takes for the car to be repaired. I repeat “to as long as it takes for the car to be repaired”
    4) I sent in my car on July 23rd, I was promised the car will be done latest by August 6th (yes that long)
    5) Last Friday (2 August 2013) at 1130, I got a call from the same marketing personnel, telling me needs the courtesy car back latest by Saturday morning (3 August 2013). According to him a customer who happens to be acquaintances with the Principal of VW needs the car. I was shocked.
    6) I was so upset and decided to return the on Friday itself. Got a cab to the train station and got the train back home (I live in Seremban)
    7) I texted both the Claims personnel and the marketing personnel today on the updates of my car, somehow the claims personnel have not replied me. The marketing personnel said it’ll be done on Wednesday 5pm. like WTH! Whatever happened to “latest by Tuesday”??

    I am a young lady traveling daily from Seremban to the Klang Valley and imagine how stressful and annoying it is when you do not have a car! I am thankful that these fellas loaned the courtesy car to me but why on earth take it back to abruptly? Whatever happened to “Customers come first”?? Its a shame VW has been treating their customers in a such a demeaning manner! Look at Toyota and their customer service skills. They basically pamper their customers to bits unlike the cocky VW dealers. Some staffs of VW can actually boldly meddle with their HPs in front of the clients, absolutely ignoring our stares. Just because they work there, doesn’t mean its their fathers’ company. I am so darn tired of these nonsensical idiosyncrasies. I seriously regret getting a VW car. If only I knew how terrible VW is at treating their customers. Sorry VW I will not suggest this brand to any of my family members, friends, colleagues or anyone who comes up to me asking they should get a car from VW. Its a big NO NO. You people failed me and many of the other unsatisfied customers out there. SHAME.




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    12 Responses

    1. Lee Fook Seong says:

      VW provides the worse after sales service when i had the unfortunate experience to deal with them since 2013.
      I used to dream of owning a VW the last many years and always had full of praises for this great “German” car i thought was the best. But alas now being a proud owner of a VW after spending a fortune to get one, i badly regret buying this rotten car exacerbated by the terribly bad service provided by the VW Service Centre.
      We do not expect a perfect car & defects are unavoidable sometimes. But what we cannot accept is the rotten after sales service.
      There is no customer service and nobody seems to care as they don’t return your call and customers are at the mercy of the Service Centre. It’s a nightmare dealing with VW when your car needs even simple repairs like alignment or aircon repairs where my car was forced in the workshop for 14 days on four occasion even for simple repairs BECAUSE OF NO PARTS – COULD YOU BELIEVE THAT, NO PARTS????!!!!!!! No parts even for simple repairs even in the main service centre in the capital cities KL and PJ???!! i believe it is worse if you are in smaller states!!
      No one knows when your car can be repaired. No one knows when you will get your car back. No one really care whether you get back your car in time or not and no one in VW is bothered at all whether you need your precious vehicle to earn a living. We just have to wait for their calls, for the parts and wait for them after they return from their off days which is more important than servicing the customers and promptly returning the essential car to the poor owner.
      We will never ever buy another VW or promote VW cars to anyone even if VW give us a 50% discount off the car price!! If you want trouble, just get yourself a VW and i promise you will get your blood pressure up. My wife and i have decided to get rid of the VW which has caused us so much ##$%@@#$ since we bought the car becos of the rotten service by VW. The fact is, we have three frens who also own VW cars also faced similar nightmare dealing with the totally inefficient and incompetent service centres. VW is Germman technology but rotten after sales service.
      Yup, after 35 years of driving, Toyota & Honda give the best service through our experience. We do not even have any problem with Proton as parts are easily available and we never had to put the car in the workshop for more and two nights for major repairs! Back to Toyota or perhaps a Mazda, more value, great specs and great service – BUT NEVER ANOTHER VW!!


    2. Tan Choo Hoe says:

      I bought my Polo 2010 model from Fed Motor, Glenmarie. Within a few months, the car stalled an it took almost a week to get it repaired. Second breakdown was in end of October 2013. This time it took the Glenmarie workshop more than 10 days to get it done. Third occasion, my car jerked like crazy….sent it in and had to cough out a lot of RMs to replace ….can’t remember though as my records at at home. The after sale service is terribly bad !!! Customers are made to wait for a long time just to be attended to by their personnel. If no drastic improvements are made, I guess it will be doomsday for VW in Malaysia.

    3. Azmi says:

      After 2 months of purchased VW in late 2011, the vehicle engine begins to vibrate but the service advisor purposely said no vibration. However, I was not satisfied so I ask another advisor to test my car and he said that my car need to send for rectification. Unfortunately, that advisor met with an accident and resigned subsiquently,
      The problem seems to be accumulated and my car was once stopped in the middle of busy road with all my children were onboard.
      My car was replaced with all the pistons however same problem persist. They replaced the clutch and it was ok after that.
      Other problems came out one after another, many times in and out of the workshop. Do not know whether they are well trained or not. They always try to find our fault so that I’m not covered under warranty. Car must be service on the dot or else no warranty coverage. They are just crazy, how to service on the dot, each time called them for service appointment they said full
      and need to seek for another appointment. slightly over the mileage 44,000+ my warranty void.
      If not mistaken for fully synthetic oil need to change every 15,000km.

    4. Danny says:

      Guy, I am not an owner to VW car but i had a Pug. Did went through the same ordeal as you all and after got fed-up with Naza, i eventually took them to tribunal.

      Don’t be afraid raising it up there and the folks in tribunal are very helpful. More so, it will only cost you RM5 to submit a case. If you’re going to spend/waste so much time with the VW CS, just spare one of those bitter moments at the tribunal and lodge a case against them.

      Just be sure you compile the list of Service Records for each visit to their Service Center. If not, do insist when you go there next and make sure everything is spelled in B&W. That’s what i did with the Naza buggers.

      FYI, while tribunal has a max claim of RM30K, anything beyond will have to go to Civil court, I really do not think VW wish to risk a legal case with a customer. You can still choose to lodge a case to the Civil court if you decline to proceed with Tribunal, so no harm done.

      Hope this help.

    5. pyan says:

      my 16 months passat frequently shows tyre pressure faulty, stability control faulty and now catalytic converter indicator appear on the meter panel. dont know what happen. anybody experience the same thing?

    6. Tiguan2014 says:

      I was kind of interested in tiguan and went to see it in swire cheras. After test drive was urge to put deposit as offer ends end of the month. Wat same old trick. No push button, and was given an answer oh people who have push bottom cars have lots of problems when the button doesn’t work. Hello…I have 2 cars with push buttons and they are find. I asked why no Bluetooth? O, they don’t dare to add it on as it will void warranty. Can’t imagine 240k car doesn’t come with basic Bluetooth. Is it difficult to get spare parts? Well parts are from Mexico so might have to wait. Now that I read all your complaints, I would steer away from frustration. Thanks for sharing guys

    7. Mohammad says:

      I owned a passat, about 18 months now. After 1 year a strange whistling sound came periodically, and even after engine shut off.
      Luckily when i brought to vw, the sound can clearly clearly heard by the mechanic. Surprisingly he said they can only try to solve but no guarantee it will solved!

    8. please to revealed that VW has given a very poor service each time when comes the appointment turn.As a owner of the Passat feel very bad since my AC died and the temperature has increased when get stopped .As what I got to know from the service centre lately,the compressor had damaged and totally out of use…no warranty has been given as promised when purchased this car..When each time comes for the appointment,the service centre staffs attend us with so many excuses…Is this the way to serve the customers who spends thousands of cash to repair the car??????

    9. Farid says:

      Hi… Intended to buy VW Jetta or Passat or Peogeot 3008 or 508… But after reading VW n Peogeot probs got scared to buy… Pls advised me… Any other brand that gives the same satisfaction with that car n excellent CS… Plsss…

    10. Teo says:

      My VW Passat already in Batu Pahat SP Supreme workshop for one month, the DSG problem, the workshop people spent one week just to DOWNLOAD UPDATES SOFTWARE and passed car back to me, on following day, the gear shift problem persists. I sent back the Passat, for two weeks already, yesterday they CALLED me to ask my previous SERVICE INVOICE in Johor Bahru, they said they need to have the documents for claim the warranty parts??????

      Think twice and do not regret if you intended to purchase VW car, until now the car is still in WORKSHOP, I passed by and no repair work being done yet….

    11. Woo Heon Kheng says:

      I drive a VW GOLF 1.4 TSI and aftter 6 months she started experiencing MYRIAD of problems which are SIMILAR to all the COMPLAINTS on this site. I believe the ROOT CAUSE is the SERVICE CENTER. The after SALES SERVICE is SUFFERING due to REPEAT ISSUES. DRB HICOM is a SHITTY SERVICE CENTER. We are going to try WING HIN. If things IMPROVE then my SUSPICIONS about DRB HICOM are true. DRB HICOM should have never been selected! IF I WERE VW HEAD! I WOULD FLY DOWN THE BEST VW ENGINEER TO SOLVE ALL ISSUES and RETRAIN ALL THEIR CONTRACTORS. THIS IS WHAT TOYOTA DID TO SHOW THEIR COMMITMENT. Also VW MALAYSIA BOSS should be FIRED!!!!

    12. Victor Bala says:

      I bought my Jetta in 2014. No problems until 1 year kater I replaced the front tires due to wear and tear. A week later there was this wowwowwow sound coming from the front somewhere. VW service at Balakong said nothing wrong. They did not even take it out for a test drive, as the mileage meter did not show any increase. I checked the meter before and after. I am a poor traveling salesman and I only have this one car. It is my livelihood. I kept telling them of this problem at each service, and was told that I have to make a special appointment to have it checked out. They will need 3 or 4 days to have it fixed. So 2 years later (the sound was still there) I took 3 days leave and the service advisor took it for a drive with me and agreed there was indeed something wrong. At first they said it could be because of the 2 front tyre change. It wasn’t. Then they said it could be some wheel bearings problem It wasn’t the case. Then they said it could be the flywheel bearing. They replaced it, or so they said. Then it was the water pump. They replaced both items, or so they claimed. I asked to see the replaced parts, but they said it was returned to the store, within a few hours of repairs.

      The sound is still there. Previously it was only discernible between 50km and 95km on the speedo-meter. Now it is from 40 to 150.

      Apart from that, one of the fog lights come on when I start the car with the switch in ‘Auto’ position. It was not like that when new. Again they said nothing wrong.

      I have nothing to say except that I made my bed by buying this car, and now I have to lie down on it. Nobody wants to buy this car, even as a trade-in as I am thinking of getting a Japanese car this time. Every one says the Honda Civic is almost perfect. But I can’t sell the VW junk I have. The car is about 3 years old and a sympathetic scrap yard fellow offered RM500.00 for it. That’s all a VW is worth.

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