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  • VW Golf VI GTI – The Sportier & More Power

    volkswagen golf gti vi standard bodykit

    The new Golf is described as sportier and more distinctive in appearance than any previous generations. VW Design Chief, Walter de Silva, describes, “It is more accentuated, more three-dimensional than its predecessor; with precisely defined lines and edges, and with finely proportioned flared surfaces and recesses.” It is also admitted that the new Golf shares design characteristics with the new Scirocco sports hatch, particularly in “the roof section that now rests on a dominant filled out shoulder section.”

    volkswagen golf gti vi standard body kit

    New driver’s assistance features include “automatic distance control” (ACC), “adaptive chassis control” (DCC) and the “park steering assistant” bring additional top technologies on board the Golf. For safety, new standard features include a new ESP system with finer response over its control range, further optimized crash properties, seven airbags including knee airbag, the special head restraints (WOKS) that counteract whiplash trauma, a “seatbelt detection” feature debuting in the rear seating area of the Golf and daytime running lights.

    volkswagen golf gti vi interior

    Right at the market launch, the Golf will be offered with two 2.0 liter TDI engines making 81 kW / 110 PS and 103 kW / 140 PS. For the first time in the Golf, common rail injection instead of the old pumpe düse injection will be used. Four gasoline engines will be available from launch starting with two normally aspirated engines making 59 kW / 80 PS, 75 kW / 102 PS. Then TSI in either supercharged and/or turbocharged form making 90 kW / 122 PS and 118 kW / 160 PS. Overall, new engine and transmission technologies lower fuel consumption by up to 28 percent and all engines satisfy future EU-5 limits.

    With the exception of the entry-level engines, VW’s dual clutch transmission (DSG) in either 6 or 7-speed form replaces the automatic transmission.

    Within days of the new VW Golf VI media release, talk about the sporty GTI version is already emanating. According to VW insiders who spoke with Autocar, the Golf GTI will get 11hp more for a total of 211hp. Increase in power is a result of VW’s new global 2.0-liter turbo EA888 engine, which is equipped with Audi’s new variable valve-lift system. VW also made access to the turbo and oil cooler easier, therefore, keeping service times/costs down.

    The GTI will also look the part with more distinctive body kit, taillights, 18 and 19-inch wheels and headlights with Audi-style LED daytime driving lights.

    volkswagen golf gti vi car

    Unfortunately, the R32 and its sonic V6 engine are being dropped due to EU emissions legislation. However, VW will, in spirit, bring it back via an all-wheel-drive R variant called GTI-R. It will be powered by the 265hp 2.0 TFSI found in the Audi S3.

    The new GTI is expected to tease enthusiasts in concept form this October in Paris. Market launch will be spring 2009.

    volkswagen golf gti vi

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