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    Latest story regarding very high maintenance charges published by Bernama, stated that a car owner shocked with expensive service charges. Related to that, if you are not aware about the costs of car overall maintenance, especially if you cannot afford to do maintenance and normal service on your car, do not buy a car!


    People are lately forgot, or don’t even know that buying a car is not just paying monthly payment. They have to pay for road tax, insurance which is depending on the price of your car and another most important thing is car periodic service at authorised service center.

    Normal minor service for local car like Proton and Perodua costs lesser which is around RM100-RM200 while having outside brand car will costs you more depending on the original parts price & availability, engine capacity etc. And sometimes the cost to maintain a car especially outside brand car are totally not within your budget.

    Major service charges for local cars costs around RM300-500 depending on the service package and type of engine. Other than that, bear in mind that you need to spend for your tyres wear and tear, any damaged or failed parts etc.

    So, having a car, even a local brand car is not that cheap. Not only paying monthly installment. Before you want to buy a car, think about it seriously. If you cannot afford, better don’t.


    Kos maintenance / penyelenggaraan kereta selenggara kenderaan servis berjadual.

    Below are the latest news regarding high maintenance cost published by Bernama:

    When businessman Ahmad (not his real name) took his car for servicing, he expected the price to not be cheap, but he was shocked when told by the workshop that the bill would come to more than RM600.

    “They showed me a list of what the car needed for a full service. And after adding up everything, the bill totalled RM640,” he said an automobile service centre here recently.

    The manager of the service centre, who wished to be identified as Tan, said: “When sending your car for service, it is important that you establish what the service includes”.

    He said some workshops will charge only for engine oil and an oil filter, while others will carry out a full service, depending on the mileage recorded by the vehicle.

    “A good workshop will follow a service checklist and give you a copy of that checklist as a confirmation of the job done,” said Tan.


    Tan said the car manufacturer’s service manual will specify what is best for the car.

    “The type of service the car requires will be affected by how the owner uses his car,” said Tan, who is also the chief mechanic at the workshop where Ahmad sent his car for servicing.

    The car owner has the option to reject any recommendations made by the mechanic if he feels they are not necessary.

    “The work and parts should be fully itemised. The workshop should also place its stamp in the service record book.

    “Rather than replacing parts that are not fully worn out, a good service centre will advise you when the parts will probably need replacing, based on the way you use your car.”

    If the owner services his car outside the dealer’s network, Tan said, it is essential that it is done according to the maker’s recommended schedule and criteria, and uses approved parts.

    “The owner must also keep records so he can demonstrate to the manufacturer that the servicing was undertaken to their requirements,” he said.


    Many car owners complain about the high cost of car repairs today.

    Tan said cars are expensive to maintain and repair, especially when something vital breaks down.

    Parts such as engines, transmission, fuel-injectors and catalytic converters are expensive to replace no matter who does the work.

    Tan said repair bills are an inevitable cost of vehicle ownership that all owners like to avoid but often cannot.

    “The older the vehicle, the more likely the owner is going to spend money on major repairs.

    “Preventative maintenance such as regular oil and filter changes, tune-ups and inspections can help minimise the risk of major repairs. But preventative maintenance cannot eliminate the risk entirely,” he said.

    He said repair bills are high because parts and labour are expensive.

    “Large dealerships usually have a lot of overhead, while independent repair garages, service stations, tyre dealers and other types of repair facilities usually charge less.”


    An owner taking his vehicle in for routine maintenance – oil change, tune-up, tyre rotation etc., he should be told what items will be serviced or replaced, how much the parts and labour will cost and how long it will take.

    Tan said the car owner then can expect the work to be completed as described, in a reasonable length of time, at the quoted price.

    He said mechanics are trained to look for things that need fixing.

    “After all, that is their work. If they see a hose that is leaking or find a worn steering or suspension component, they have to tell the owner because it’s their job.

    “The owner might not want to hear what the mechanics are saying because it is going to cost him more money than he anticipated spending. But repairs are an inevitable and painful part of owning and maintaining a vehicle.

    “What the mechanic should do, however, is explain to the owner the difference between repairs that are really needed, and those that are only recommended for preventative maintenance or other reasons,” he said.


    In some instances, certain repairs may be recommended to meet the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty requirements.

    If the owner’s manual says components such as spark plugs have to be replaced after a certain mileage, then it is wise to do, said Tan.

    He said preventative maintenance is a lot cheaper than an overhaul or a new engine.

    “Sometimes, repairs will be recommended because they can provide such benefits as reliable starting and improved fuel economy,” he said.

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