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    Nowadays,people like to tune their car to be more stable when they are cornering. The situation comes when a car chassis is moving, it is carried by 4 wheels and 4 shock absorbers. When driving on bumpy road, the shock of impact will be absorb by shock absorber, however if the chassis is not strong enough to support the shock absorber, the shock of impact will not all absorb by shock absorber but by chassis, causing chassis flex. Same thing happen when make a turn on corner, chassis will be twisted by the force of weight transfer. Therefore, the handling will be rough and hard to predict the movement of car.

    One of the method to make this dream come true is by installing Ultra Racing Stabilizer bar. So, any of you can share with us the different before and after using this bar.

    Therefore, Ultra Racing claimed that their product can solve out the chassis flex problem and improve the handling. Share with us what do you feel?

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