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    Do you have any experience using any fuel saver? There are so many fuel saving device type like Cyclone, voltage stabilizer, grounding cable kit, strong magnet, biofuel additive, air compressor, i-charge and hydrogen generator. So lets take a look at what each device offers. If you are using any of this item for fuel saving of your car, kindly share your opinion here about the fuel economy effect, brand and type of the fuel saving stuff.



    voltage stabilizer FUEL SAVER REVIEW

    Voltage/ Audio Stabalizer & Fuel Saver
    -Increase Engine Torque
    -Improve Fuel Consumption
    -Improve Battery Lifespan
    -Improves Engine Response
    -Reduce noises for ICE
    -Blue LED helps u identify any possible wiring mistakes (Even with -the key off, the LED only – uses 0.5mA of power, no need to worry -about your battery live-span
    -Internal dual fuse to help prevent electrical shorts
    -Heat resistant case
    -Circuitry has waterproof coating (but do not install in areas -subject to any liquid or spray with water
    -Made In Japan

    Double Magnetic Fuel Saver Imported From Japan
    -Item Install at Fuel Hose
    -Best Recommended to have 3 Unit
    -DYNO & On the Road Tested to be 5 Times More Powerful then ZMAX Magnetic Fuel Power Saver
    -Double Magnet Technology
    -Increased Combustion
    -Increased Horsepower
    -Increased Throttle Response
    -Increased Torque
    -Increased Fuel Economy
    -Cleaner Exhaust Emissions
    -Save up to 15% – 35% Fuel
    Super Earth 5 Point Grounding Cable
    -Increase power through reinforced grounding
    -Increase torque at low and speeds
    -Increase engine respone
    -Increase headlight brightness
    -Improved bass sound
    -Stabalize Voltage
    -Reinfoce Hose Power
    -Speed Recharging Battery
    -Reinforce Ignition System
    -Dynamoelectric power
    -Reinforce Audio Performance
    -Low resistance wire
    -Reinfornce Electricity System
    -Made In Japan
    -Guarantee Increase Horse Power & Fuel Saving
    fuel stick FUEL SAVER REVIEW 
    fuel stick fuel saver device
    World Leading & Most Effective Fuel Saver in the Market
    Increases power up to 15%
    Cleans fuel system
    Improves combustion
    Reduces fuel consumption up to 37%
    Increases octane and cetane
    RM15 million product warranty
    Reduces dangerous exhaust smoke
    Safe for all types of engine
    Corrosion test – certified by SGS international Singapore
    Dyno test – certified by Torque performance NZ.
    1 Stick for 40 Little Petrol, 1 Box can last for 3 to 4 Months
    100% Money Back Guarantee if No Fuel Saving
    Made In New Zealand
    HKS Air Kompressor Fuel Saver Made In Japan
    Price: RM 150
    Easy to fix (no modification on original engine)
    Compatible to all car
    Maximizes energy
    Saves fuel up to 5% to 35%
    Improves spark plug life.
    Improves torque
    Increases car engine power 15% to 35%
    Environment friendly
    Smother running engine, by promoting a more complete combusion.
    The Combustion of the air and fuel mixture is more complte compare with the engine without micro kompressor.
    No need any supported accessories (can function well independently).
    All the components inside the micro kompressor fuinction 100%mechanically.
     surbo cyclone FUEL SAVER REVIEW
    The DIY Cyclone Fuel Saver is a non-moving cyclone/vortex generator that goes inside your air intake housing, right after your air filter. requires no maintenance, and only takes a  minute and no need screwdriver to install.
    The DIY Cyclone Fuel Saver’s air flow dynamic is designed to improve your vehicle’s air intake system by creating a more efficient airflow path throughout the intake housing . As air travels through an intake it bounces around bends and elbows in the housing causing it to slow down. Spinning air can be less susceptible to these abrupt changes in direction.
    Once this redirected air reaches the engine, it can produce a swirling, fast burn effect in the combustion chamber to create finer particles of atomized fuel and fuel mixture, allowing better flame propagation and more complete combustion. Swirling air has longer residence time with fuel than flat air. Since the air spins through the fuel rather than just shooting through in a straight line, it spends more time mixing with the gasoline / petrol / diesel / gas in your engine.
    the maximum amount of air flows directly to your engine, while the cyclone is applied to the circumference of the inflowing volume of air. The more air you can get into your engine, the more power you can get out of it.
    Up to 33% increase in MPGS
    ( MPGS = mile per gallons)
    Up to 35+ HORSEPOWER
     biofuel additive FUEL SAVER REVIEW
    Price: RM 12  
    Biofuel Saver is revolutionary nano & bio – palm based emulsified droplets for cylinder cleaning,fuel vitalation(improve fuel quality)and great fuel saving up to 30%
    to be applied for any types of fuel:gasoline,diesel and etc
    Outstanding effect after injected into fuel tank is clean explosion chamber
    Octane boost up to 8steps
    Increase power
    Reduce dramatic reduction of harmful emission
    Perfect clean combustion chamber & eliminate carbon deposits
    Increase engine lifetime
    Decrease & eliminate engine knocks
    Great drop of noise & smoke
    Protect engine components
    Make much smoother,powerful and environmental friendly without side effect
    50litre fuels for one bottle of ultimate biofuel saver
     i-charge FUEL SAVER REVIEW
    I-charge Price: RM625 
    Voltage Stabilizer
    High Ignition Power
    Improve Horse Power
    Clearer Audio Video System
    Interference Reducer
    Smoother Gear Shift
    Improved Pickup
    Reduce Carbon Deposit
    Fuel Saving
    Battery Doctor(Check Batt W/o Open the Bonet)
    Improve Engine Torque
    Original Product(Hi- Performance)From Japan
    D.Y.I (Plug n Used)
    Suitable For All Cars
    Fuel saver sticker Price RM 165  
    Untuk penjimatan minyak kereta dan juga kegunaan elektrik di rumah atau pun pejabat. Sunggug MUDAH! cara pengunaan nya


    hydrogen generator

    Hydrogen generator hybrid system at RM450 which generate hydrogen fuel and supply to your car engine intake as additional fuel to increase mileage.


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