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    Hi guys..I’m sure that many of you are searching for Toyota Vios VS Honda City. So, here the details for you. But it is based on internet survey and the survey that we did before.We are neutral and we can’t say which one is better.We’re pretty sure that there’s a sizeable number of buyers who are going to buy the Honda City or Toyota Vios on purely rational ground.

    The driving environment in both cars emphasises user-friendliness. Instrumentation and other controls are in their logical place. Whether the Vios’s centrally positioned panel dials are better or not than the City’s conventional layout is merely a matter of personal preference because both are effective in their own rights.

    These two are the most attractively priced saloons in Malaysia. The price almost the same… if you purchase car, which one you will purchase.. ?? Which cars are value for money? Share yout opinion here

    Below are the result that we got from our survey on 400 peoples.

    View Poll Results: VIOS vs CITY

    TOYOTA VIOS 212 peoples vote    53%
    HONDA CITY 188 peoples vote    47%

    TOYOTA VIOS 1.5S VS HONDA CITY (GRADE E), RM 88,325.00 VS RM89,980.00


    TOYOTA VIOS (1.5S)

    RM 88,325.00
    Vios 1.5S Model 1NZ-FE
    Type In-line 4-Cylinder, DOHC, 16-Valve, VVT-i
    Displacement cc 1,497
    Bore & Stroke mm 75.0 x 84.7
    Compression Ratio 10.5 : 1
    Max. Output SAE-NET 80kW (109PS) / 6,000 rpm
    Max. Torque SAE-NET 141Nm (14.4kg-m) / 4,200 rpm
    Type 4-Speed Automatic with Super ECT, Gate Shifter.


    The Toyota Vios S variant is estimated to be the most expensive Vios among the three, at around RM 88,325. The interior of the Toyota Vios S grade receives a dark grey/black trim treatment, and includes an “Optitron” meter with a multi-information display, as opposed to the E and G grades’ conventional backlit display.

    The Toyota Vios S gets the fuel efficient 1.5-litre VVT-i (Variable Valve Timing with intelligence) engine, anti-lock braking system with electronic brake-force distribution and brake assist.



    Engine: Inline-4, 16V, SOHC i-VTEC, PGM-FI 1,497cc
    Fuel Supply System PGM-FI (Programmed Fuel Injection)
    Bore & Stroke (mm) 73.0 X 89.4
    Displacement (cc) 1,497
    Compression Ratio 10.4:1
    Max power: 118hp@6,600rpm
    Max torque: 145Nm@4,800rpm
    Drive-by-Wire (DBW) •
    Transmission Type 5-Speed Automatic with Shift Hold Control
    Gear Type Rack & Pinion with Electric Power Assist (EPS)
    Overall Ratio 15.89
    Turning Radius (m) 5.0
    Safety features: ABS, EBD, BA, dual front airbags, G-CON body


    The new Honda City comes with the new 1.5 litre i-VTEC SOHC engine (120PS/145nM torque) with Drive-By-Wire technology. It is a new engine with higher power to boost up the performance of the car. Another great feature is the 5 speed automatic transmission gearbox with Paddle Shift (E spec only).



    Some Comment about City from KDI readers and other website.


    Tue Apr 28, 2009 3:35 pm
    Honda City! the looks is far trendy compare to Vios. Near future to come sure got a lot of MODs can be added in.


    Thu May 14, 2009 1:08 pm
    Honda city wow they are great and body structure ia also cool i like them very much and they are too stylish,,,,



    I’m driving the Honda City 2009 E Spec now.. and i would say the FC is superb :) RM60 full tank can go about 550km… much better than my satria last time la xD lol

    Bump: I’m driving the Honda City 2009 E Spec now.. and i would say the FC is superb :) RM60 full tank can go about 550km… much better than my satria last time la xD lol

    the new vios look like dugong le :X..




    I 100% choose City.
    1st- Because whole engine and gearbox is new! Instead of using old tech like Vios.
    2nd- 5speed automatic compare to Vios 4 speed.
    3rd- Sportier
    4th- 16” wheels
    5th- Better Fuel Economy

    No matter Toyota put 1.3 in Vios, it also leading! Because he is Tai Kor in our market.. People purchase Toyota because Toyota has been well established in worldwide so do Malaysia. No matter it’s good or bad people 1st will consider Toyota!

    Just my 2 cents.




    Some Comment about Vios from KDI readers and other website.

    Azlan Izuddin,UPSI student

    I’m driving Toyota Vios S type..when drive at h.way at 150km/h it’s such drive 110km/h using wira..smooth and steady..=)



    Quote from DAV2277 (…for quality, dont xpect ct n vios have problem free…. my advice, go n test drive…. look their plastic part, ct n vios oso used cheap plastic….)

    Agree with you. Last week I was at SS14 Toyota showroom. There were 3 Vios in the showrrom. As I enetred the 1st one, the first thing that struck me was that there was a HUGE UNSIGHTLY GAP netween the radio panel and the grey dashboard. I think the gap was about 2 mm wide but as it is also uneven at some places perhaps 5 to 6mm. I thot perhaps that for this particular unit the radio panel was not fixed properrly but the same thing was also on the other 2 units.

    Somehow the dashboard does not cover the radio panel well. As for the price the Vios goes for 90k, 30k more than the Persona SE. Of course our Boleh gahmen makes sure that this is so. If the playing field had been level, Proton would find it extremely tough to sell even with their best model.


    UPDATE #1



    There are two colour schemes one black and one beige.In Thailand and Singapore also has two colour scheme.Both will likely be used by Honda Malaysia, with the black for a high-spec or sports-specced version of the car and a beige one for the other.

    But from the information that we got from the Honda website.The interior colour for Grade S and Grade E Honda City in Malaysia is Black. Honda said that specifications may vary in some cases and can be changed.

    Toyota Vios 1.5E and 1.5G.

    Toyota Vios 1.5S.

    For more information about Toyota Vios J, you can click the link below.


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    79 Responses

    1. awg1031 says:

      i would go for waja..both city and vios interior sucks big time!! too cheap…

    2. rusdibakar says:

      same with you awg1031, vios & city = overpriced for basic car. Consumer just pay for brand only and technical spec like suspension, handling are horrible..

    3. iz says:

      If we compare that two cars with Proton persona..which one is better? For handling..for sure Persona is better right? Any ideas?

    4. Chin Bee Hong says:

      If vios & city compare to persona. I think in term of handling persona wins.
      For quality, these 3 cars is so so only.
      Comfort, persona wins.
      In term of spacious cabin, city wins.
      I think vios & city only on par with new saga.
      If you want to buy toyota and honda or any japanese made car, make sure you choose 100k car and above. The car below 100k is totally rubbish. Just my 2 cents.. ;-)

    5. iz says:

      Oh i see… maybe it is true that vios & city only on par with the new saga.. TQ for your comment.. ;-)

    6. Lily says:

      Ly minat vios ni,tp blum mmpu lg nk miliki kreta import,krja pun br sthun 2.Jelos tgk mbr dpt hantaran kreta vios beb!:-).
      Rzki msing2..
      City bru pun cun..

    7. Chin Bee Hong says:

      Lily, try to save your money a little bit and buy altis or civic. You’ll regret if you buy this two cheapo overpriced car.

    8. chubs2 says:

      What can you aspect more from a local car? My experience is with Persona S.E which my sis bought around 5 month’s ago. Now the tyres suspension already making a sound when going into bumpy roads. This is really frustating for a new car. Not to mention, previously, just 1 week after the car is out, the car handle makes a crocking sound when manuever from left to right viseversa. But later fixed on the 2nd service (Don’t know why the SC didnt fix it in the 1st service). But I guess, what more can you aspect from a local / lower price car than Vios or the New City..right? You decide..

      Just my Experience…

    9. iz says:

      But not all local cars are bad right? Some are good and value for your money…as an example the Proton Saga BLM.. But chubs..TQ for sharing your experience with us..=)

    10. kdi says:

      wowwee.. saga blm on par with vios & city? hmm.. well if we want to categorize them, yes the three car is in same category which is entry level car for each brand. in terms of engine, of course city wins with the latest ivtec technology. in terms of quality also new city will win. My personal opinion is honda city beats vios easily.

      And the price for honda city is ok with its performance & quality. But toyota vios is actually the truely overprice car. The price range should be around RM50k- RM60k only. But the problem is, people will never consider to buy Proton Persona if the price in that range. So they put the price higher because of their brand. Proton Persona and Toyota Vios is a serious contender and i think Persona perform better than vios.

    11. gpfocus says:

      ni ada 1 rumour,
      Intially vios baru tu design(simple/quality etc) utk compete dgn pesona/waja/etc…tetapi gomen tak approve utk pricing yg about the same dgn pesona..so dia org kena jual mahal dr pesona/waja=ni strategy gomen nak protect kete nasional…that’s why previous vios lagi baik dr yg latest ni…
      tapi rasanya nak samakan blm/vios/city memang x masuk akal..

    12. eye says:

      baru igt nk amik vios bulan ni

    13. lien says:

      Saya prefer persona lagi berbanding vios ngan city. Cuma city kosmetik luaran agak menarik. Tapi kalu di dalam kabin rasanya sama je ngan persona.

    14. aSwaN says:

      Saya penah drive city baru..best..sedap sangat..seat tinggi skit plak tu…rasa selesa..vios x penah drive lg..ingat nak try vios dgn waja…tgk mana lagi best. so nnt boley decide nak beli city @ vios @ waja?? tapi kan, waja luas tu….dia punya width 1755..vios 1700 n city 1715 je…walaupun lebih beberapa cm je, tp luas la jg…lagipun dalam range keta proton, waja letaknya kat no 2 dari koleksi sedan. tapi kalau toyota dengan honda…city dengan vios tu kire keta yg paling murah la…yg kateogori last skali…kalau drive city/vios kat jalan bersama2 keta malaysia, huhu..boleh la dabik dada sebab pkai keta import..tapi kalau bw kat jalan dengan camry, accord, altis, civic….huhu…tertunduk menguis-nguis kaki ler city dengan vios…so, aku nak beli waja je la…aku tak suka amek keta yang ‘cikai’ atau bak kata orang kedah ‘belen’ je…kalau aku nak tukar toyota/honda, aku nak amek yng mahal la dari vios/city… bak kata orang, alang2 nak menunjuk2, biar tunjuk betul2…

    15. amt says:

      bro.aku nk mtk tlg cket ni.aku ni pminat honda city dan vios.tp aku xmmpu nk bli yg high grade due2 kete ni.
      aku planning nk amek antara vios ataupun city tp yg paling low grade.
      sbb pastu aku nk mekap.
      skrg ni ak nk tny bpe hrge vios low grade dgn hrge city low grade??
      klu ak byr 10% downpyment utk vios low grade bpe monthly utk 7 tahun?
      n klu aky byr 10% dpyment utk honda city,bpe plak monthlynye utk 7thun?
      antara vios ngn city,.mane yg lg save minyak??mne lg bagus prformance?

    16. aSwaN says:

      vios paling murah dalam 68k manual (j)…honda paling murah rm84k…tapi kalau ko nak beli honda, amek yg mahal tros sbb lepas ko mekap smua sgala, kos sama je dgn yg mahal…kalu ko byr 10% doenpayment, honda ko byr dalam 950> stiap bulan n vios dalam 850> bergantung kpd interest rate lah…between vios dengan city, vios lagi save minyak. performance bagus, ko amek city lah…kalau nak mekap lawa, ko amek city la..sebab si vios dugong ni buat cemana pun nampak dugong jg… exterior city lg meletop walaupun lampu depan dengan part tengah tu mcm x match sgt…tapi interior vios nmpk luxury beb, tp luarnye dugong ler…terpulang la…kalau aku, aku memng mampu amek city…tapi aku x berapa suka pakai keta yang paling murah dalam range manufacturer dia… aku plan nak pkai waja 5 tahun, then tukar amek camry atau civic/accord…. apepun, tepuk poket tanya dompet la….

    17. DR JANTAN says:

      VIOS memang power.org yang vakap vios kureng memang dia yang kureng.minyak jimat segalanya excellent amat sesuai bagi sport.
      beza kete malaysia yang belambak problem terutama waja kereta bermasalah yang sangat kureng i pakai dulu.ingat pikir sebelum bayar.

    18. abey says:

      mak aku baru jer beli ket persona………..
      banyak la kelemahan dia…..dah la tak pickup……..bila time nak memotong tu punyala lembap…..
      pas tu baru 3 bulan guna dah macam2 bunyi…..pas tu lock pintu rosak……
      aircond panas…..adoiiii……pas tu ayah aku kata n pesan kat anak2 dia pas ni tak yah la beli kete proton ni…..
      kalo nak beli kete beli la kete import

    19. DR JANTAN says:

      tapi kita kena bangga maalaysia dapat lahirkan kereta pelbagi bentuk dan harganya mampu dimiliki oleh semua warganya.moga pemotoran malaysia akan lebih maju dalam persaingan kereta import .

    20. aSwaN says:

      smua keta rosak beb…cuma lmbat dengan cepat je…n tgk jugak la cara guna…lagi kasar, lg cepat la rosaknya..

    21. ako says:

      aku tak nafikan kereta proton pun sama hebat ngan kereta import..tapi paham-pahamla kualiti untuk jangka masa depan..bagi aku, waja kalau manual cukup betenaga sekali..klu auto aku tak pasti sangat..tapi vios n city pickup ckit sbb ringan dr kereta tempatan ni…

      kalau ada sape-sape beminat nak ambik VIOS rasenya bulan ni last je kot INTEREST 2.38% tu pun sbb agung birthday, bulan depan jadi 3.5%…klu ada promosi lg aku xtau la..

      HONDA CITY INTEREST 3.5%..blum ada promosi lagi…tp sshla..bank negara control sume ni..

      aku yang suke kat kereta brand toyota n honda ni bkn ape.time ttp pintu rase smooth n sdp je bunyinye..klu camry xbunyi langsung,very-very smooth n comfort bunyi dia..

      nak compare city dgn vios, mmg yang kurg mampu nak ambik kete 100k n above memang sesuaila yang nak merasa sangat kete import yang BARU walaupun sepatutnya kete ni dalam linkungan harga 50k-60k.tp klu nk lbh sedap ckit baik ambik civic dan altis.kalau nak compare civic dan altis aku rasa better altis wlupun gear 4 je..tu pun dh memadai.lagipun altis is the leading top selling dalam pasaran dunia walaupun di negara kita ni civic yang lbh laku dari altis…entahla…kalau ada duit lbh belila yang tebaik…klu tak cukup fulus, belila yang murah…yang penting duit poket ada..hehe

    22. mat poyo says:

      vios J D/P RM10K monthly payment=bape?.nk amek loan 9 taun.nk kawen beb kang nk byr umah lg.LOL

    23. ako says:

      klik ni je nk compare harge vios…ade calculator toyota ni ha..interest bln ni 9 thn 2.68%


      vios TRD dah kuar..harga boleh tahan mhl siot..hehe..RM90k..tgk ni…


    24. ZULPHG says:

      aku pakai honda ni dah bulan ke 5.dari segi minyak kalau bawa slow n tak bawak berat mmg jimat dari vios,tp kalau kete berat n laju vios lg jimat,kalau kete untuk famili ambil vios la.lebih jimat enjin lebih senyap.

    25. kdi says:

      Pengumuman : DR JANTAN & Abey adalah orang yang sama. Sila jangan gunakan nick yang berlainan. Harap maklum.

      admin kdi
      [email protected]

    26. aSwaN says:

      eh ako, betul ke vios dengan city ringan?? susah la nak turn kalau tgh laju…sebab berdasarkan pngalaman aku, keta yg berat bila tang corner tu sedap je amik dengan laju…aku memang x reti bw slow especially kat hway…selalu tekan 160-180…tapi aku belasah keter bapak aku ler…kalau korang nak kete yang memang laju di hway, mantap di jalan..tiru la bapak aku…aku tekan keta dia dr perlis ke KL, stop 2 kali, stgh jam satu, n dalam 5 jam je aku dah sampai KL…bukan pinggir KL beb, aku sampai kat tgh2 KL tu…maknanya journey aku tu 4 jam je sebenarnya…aku bertolak pkl 12 dr perlis, pkl 5 ptg aku dah kat parking lot taman shamelin dah…kalau korang suka, korang beli la keta ni..setakat city dengan vios tu. altis, civic, camry, accord smua makan asap keter bapak aku yang aku drive….wakakakaka..korang tau keta apa…volvo 3 series…..memang mantap…aku kat laluan memotong start dr masuk hway smpai la ku smpai KL…kelebihannya, ko berada di jarak 200m, tapi keta kat depan ko smua dah bagi laluan utk ko lalu…tak caye, try tgk…laluan ko cuma ada bmw dengan merz je…tp standard la..masing2 dengan 160-180kmj…nak laju lagi, korang beli airplane je la…ekekekekekekekeee…

    27. aSwaN says:

      eh encik admin, betul ke gmbr interior kat atas tu?? apsal interior city kale beige??bukan hitam ke?? yg si vios pulak kalau tak salah aku kaler beige/kelabu kan interior dia, nape jadik hitam pulok?? conpius aku beb…

    28. ako says:


      mmg tang corner melayang ckit utk vios n city…mmg ringan.vios 1050kg..city1150kg..persona 1250kg..viosla paling ringan..klu kete berat bwk mcm mn pun mmg sdp time corner..

      mmg volvo bapak ko mmg laju..minyak pun trn laju gak..hehe

      sbnarnye..vios n city mmg dicpta khas utk pemanduan menjimatkan minyak..lagi ringan kete lagi jimat…tu yang vios jimat myk…

      interior vios yg black tu for vios s spec je…g&e ada optional beige@black

    29. Chiput says:

      Aku pakai vios lama.. tahun 2005.. 1) Vios memang laju..tak tipu boleh cecah 195kmh.. Test Plus highway Tangkak, Seremban KL, KL Putrajata, ELite LPT.(dgn wife and ipar skali)…200km tak boleh pegi.. 2) Pickup tadak.. 3) dalam teruk giler.. 4)selekoh.. memang rasa cam tak stabil.. tapi stabil.. 5)service okl a RM230-RM280 untuk 10,000 km.. 6) sparepart… tak larat.. mahal gile.. setiap 40,000km service tak lari RM800 keatas.. 7)Kete ringan sangat.. pasal tu aku melayang kena angin lintang kat KL putrajaya..la ni x boleh bawak laju.. meter boleh pegi lagi 180km tapi body dah tak stabil… 8)Petrol maintain full tank maintain 120 ke 140 kmh boleh pegi 620km.. shell n caltex la.. petronah 580km jer.. (tapi vios baru tak tahu la sebab cousin aku pakai full tank boleh pegi 500km jer)
      Conslusion.. vios ni memang laju.. senyap ok la…… Tapi safety takdak.. dalam kecik … So pas ni kalo nak beli keta bawah RM100k.. suggest beli proton aje la.. especially waja.. overpriced beb..

    30. aSwaN says:

      tenkiu la ciput, ko dah merobah mindaku… aku rase cam nak beli waja..cukup 5 tahun, tukar..dah ler aku tak kawen lagi…nak sambung study lagi…tapi tetiba naik pulak nama suzuki sx4 crossover, toyota rush dan nissan latio dalam kepala aku…. rasa macam nak beli toyota rush sebab aku memang minat keta yg tinggi…apa pendapat korang?? suzuki minyak ok tak…aku ni setakat bayar bulan2 tu ok r, tapi tang petrol n servis nnt…takut sakit r…aku travel tiap2 hari p keja dalam 110 km pergi dan balik… 5 hari sminggu…so antara waja, city, vios, suzuki sx4 crossover, toyota rush, n nissan latio….manakah yang bagus?? ponin kepalo den mikir…

    31. ako says:

      ko nak bagus dari segi mana…?


      Dalam banyak-banyak kete yang ko suggest tu macam ko tak tau ke vios kan jimat dan paling berbaloi…chiput punya vios lama..vios dugong baru ni kira value ape..besar n ringan ckit..bukan nak promote tapi ko nk guna 5 tahun kan..mesti nak tolak balik..jadi carila kereta yang 2nd value dia masih still tinggi…kalau waja pakcik aku pkai baru 4 tahun dah rosak amenda ntah sampai bayar 3k..problem ape ntah.. tapi waja mmg sedap sangat bawak..tapi bila time problem bukan ckit..sangkut nye banyak…klu rush@latio@sx4sedan ni lain cite la…1.6cc beb..kalau susah ko baca je dalam paultan..macam-macam komen ada…

    32. ADAM LEE says:

      Saya owner vios baru……i think semua salah vios as dugong /…because kalau ia di modified dengan cara baik ia look bigger car than city….city terlalu kecik mel……….tak sesuai untuk man……. kalau cakap pasal kereta baru ku ni enjin jimat tapi sound enjin bunyi sikit compare dengan myvi .

    33. man says:

      I like Waja handling,,I ask all user from Mec …them ask waja handling very good …try drive 200km per hour nice ,,suspension not GEGAR…..and connering veri comfident

    34. aSwaN says:

      eh…sori la bro KDI…aku dah tersasulkan pulak page forum ni..sepatutnya kiter diskas pasal vios vs city je..tp dah termasuk banyak pulak keta lain sebab aku ni banyak mulut skit..ader je mende nak stori…by the way, aku dah p try vios semalam, tp x drive pun sbb vios tu kat dalam shoping complex…aku malas nak test drive sbb weekend ni tau2 je la…erm , dari segi luas, aku rasa lebih kurang je dgn city. dari segi interior aku prefer honda lagi sebab kalau korang perasan, dashboard vios dengan mainboard dia macam myvi la…air-cond, audio control tu hah, sama mcm myvi kawan aku..honda nmpak lain skit…tp si dugong ni memang luar x lawa…dalam(rear seat) luas jugak la..sedap duduk 4 orang je…kalau 5 macam sempit skit…honda pun sama la…ideal 4adult + 1 kid under 12…ok la…lebih dr tu jawabnya padat, ketat, sendat, melekat….so far, aku prefer honda lagi la walaupun minyak dengan spare part dia mahal giler, tp best…lagi satu, honda lagi senyap dari vios…aku masuk vios, tutup pintu(pintu dia bunyi kasar macam myvi la) tapi still dengar clear bising kat luar…time aku masuk honda dulu, sunyi sepi, sehening subuh pagi…tapi aku nak tanya skit nih…interior honda city baru ni ada kale beige ni ke???mcm dlm gmbr kat atas tu?? ada kale tu ke??

    35. iz says:

      Bro Aswan..
      Thank you for your question.. Here are some update..

      There are two colour schemes one black and one beige.In Thailand and Singapore also has two colour scheme.Both will likely be used by Honda Malaysia, with the black for a high-spec or sports-specced version of the car and a beige one for the other.

      But from the information that we got from the Honda website.The interior colour for Grade S and Grade E Honda City in Malaysia is Black. Honda said that specifications may vary in some cases and can be changed.

      Anything..you can contact us..
      [email protected] or [email protected]

    36. ghani says:

      Vios absorber keras sedikit berbanding dgn City. Bunyi engine agak kasar bila 3800 rpm ke atas. Engine respond, Vios win. For me, travelling 110-125km/j, better choose Vios kerana City agak lembab pada kelajuan ini (City mungkin sesuai utk kelajuan 80-100km/j and 130-150km/j . Mungkin engineer City perlu fix pada gear ratio.

    37. mawar says:

      i dah pakai city 4 bln..sume ok..teringin plak nk try camry..tp tak cukup bajet n x sesuai utk young lady mcm i.ape pun yang penting..cara pemanduan kite yang lebih penting.berhati2 di jln raye yer..

    38. siti says:

      honda city terbaik….

    39. nakviossatu says:

      swift pun aku minat jugak…………….

    40. syikin says:

      hye sumer…
      for your information, da masuk 3 bln aku pkay vios…
      sblm decide nk beli vios nie, aku prefer kete malaysia jer (nk skong buatan malaysia lah konon)
      tp my husband prefer vios baru coz member kt tmpt keje die yg suggest.
      first time naik, perrgh…smooth jer… mmg berbeza la dgn kete kami snlom nih (proton wira SE.
      honestly speaking, pernah beberapa kali gak la persona and perdana kami potong… mkn asap beb diorang…
      bknlah nk puji keluaran luar negara, tp dah hakikat…
      kpd ladies yg bertubuh kecil molek (mcm i ler) di luar saner yg teringin nk memiliki vios nie, usah ragu2… mmg body bsr, tp bangga beb law dpt drive vios nih…
      so kpd saper2 yg tgh pening2 tuh, x payah timbang2, bt jer kptsn tok ambik vios. sure korang puas ati tahap maksima…

    41. jamal says:

      aku baru beli city beb..bawak sedap giler.. dulu aku pakai keta malaysia..3 bln dan problem enjin..pakailah jugak sampai abis bayor… skang try keta import plak..walaupun termurah dlm klassnyer..tapi org beli gak …ikut bajet masing2.. org yang x mampu beli mesti kata macam2..org yang mampu apa pun x komplen. sendiri mau ingat…

    42. al-fath says:

      hallo bro..sy xnk komen psal quality kete malaysia n jepun,korang seme dh tau dh,tp yg sy nk tnya tentang dsar automotif negara,knapa mahal sgt duty import kete import,psal kt negara jiran sebelah(thailand) murah je harga kete import….

    43. peace says:

      wek.. tlg aku.. aku skrg ngah pening pale duk pk nak pakai kete pe.. aku nak pakai keta murah jea.. antara viva or saga BLM.. kalau mekap dua2 cantik.. korang rasa yang mane batter???

    44. pasoh says:

      aku tgk vios tu mcm keta dr china jea

    45. ahamdnisfu says:

      Dah try City & Vios. FC City especially IDSi memang berbaloi. RM 60 can go for 590 km. Highway driving. Vios pulak memang laju tp FC tak sebaik City. Anyway, tepuk dada tanya selera …..

    46. stylooo...drifterrrrr says:

      tak da makna bincang dasar automotif negara….nama pun negara malaysia……memang mahal segala nyer……cukai sana..cukai sini….ermmmm….rakyat juga yang merana…..skrg slogan 1 malaysia lak…….marilah semua rakyat malaysia hayati slogan 1 malaysia……merdeka……errrrrrrrrrrr…………????????????

    47. aSwaN says:

      mr peace…ko amek blm la…luas skit..kualiti keta m”sia ni >< je… aku pun ingat nak beli keta biasa2 je la…sbb nnt nak beli rumah lagi… harga keta makin lama, makin turun…harga rumah, makin lama makin naik..especially kat area yg high developing…rumah boleh bg sewa kalau x nak duduk, tp kalau aku beli keter mahal, ada org nak sewa aku jawab NO, NO, NO…! hahaha…income tu bg sewa rumah… pastu tu boleh la aku pakai keta lain… industri keta malaysia ni dah dewasa, tapi kerajaan ni too much protection…proton pun apa lagi, lemak la.. mcm org jugak, kena belajar berdikari, baru boleh hidup sendiri…kalau asyik nak bergantung je, kat celak ketiak je la tempatnya… open la malaysia, tak perlu takut keta asing kalau ko mampu hasilkan kualiti dan mutu setanding antarabangsa… konon kerjasama dgn luar negara itu ini, tp last2 dok celah ketiak kerajaan jugak…manja tu pasal la tak maju..even keta import akan jd murah bila xde tax, tp bukan smua org jugak mampu nak beli… lu pikir la sendiri beb…

    48. ghani says:

      New update pasal FC. My wife City, town driving RM 70 = 323KM. My Vios RM 70 = 365KM. Damansara to Kuantan, pergi dah balik, Vios RM 62, City RM 69. Damansara to JB, pergi dah balik, Vios RM 75, City RM 72. Tepuk dada, tanya selera.

    49. Joko says:

      Kalau Baca dalam yahoo.com ada berita tentang America’s Five Most Overpriced Cars
      1. Dodge Ram 2500
      2. Mercury Grand Marquis
      3. Jeep Liberty
      4. Dodge Nitro
      5. Dodge Durango

      Tapi yang menarik dalam sub berita dia ada maklumat tentang
      2009’s Highest-Quality Cars
      1. Toyota Yaris
      2. Hyundai Elantra Sedan
      3. Scion tC
      4. Nissan Z
      5. Lexus IS

      Tahniahlah pada Toyota

    50. Joko says:

      Hari ini dalam yahoo.com Toyota dipilih sebagai THe Best Car Deal & Highest Quality car 2009 sebab dia boleh bagi diskaun paling tinggi dan menerima aduan pelanggan paling rendah dalam tempoh 90 hari jualannya…

    51. dolkeke says:

      aku dh baca sume komen n pndapat, aku masih kabur lg nk city atau vios.. city body cantik tp baca2 komen kt ats mcm vios lg sedap.. mana satu?

    52. azameel says:

      dua2 lebih kurang je
      ade baik ase buruk, yg pnting ikot minat ko rase nk pakai yg mane
      pastu dah bli jgn p banding2 dah
      janji puas hati beli pilihan sendiri, bwak pon happy

    53. Ahad68 says:

      vios TRD the best. Aku nak jual aku punya citra dulu, tukar selera

    54. ghani says:

      Salam semua,

      New update about Vios FC. Damansara to Kuala Perlis. Speed 115-125 KM/H. 8.00 pm – 12.30pm. Aircond. 471Km consume 28.55 liter. Driver + Pessanger. 16.5KM / liter.

    55. jamal says:

      aku dah pakai city baru sebulan lebih dah.. mbr aku beli persona baru 2 mggu dah breakdown.. bukan nak kutuk keta tmptn..tapi kenyataannya korang pun tahu..tapi buat2 tak perasan lak. city bawak sedap…walaupun termurah dalam kelasnyer tapi aku puas hati

    56. dolkeke says:

      thanx kepada kawan2 yg respon.. aku dh book city, tp mahal interesnye 3.5%.. ambank. ada bank yg murah lg ke?

    57. minarnie says:

      ak dh 9bln pakai vios tp mmg ok la.ak dl kt shah alam tp skrg kt kulim.meter vios ak 10000km minyk rm 980 coz ak guna esso n mobil.so leh tau bepa myk guna.ak gal so xphm sgt nk kira myk ni ngn litre wlpn ak lec math.hehehe.ak minat mazda 3.ayah ak nk beli kt adik boy ak.jelesnye tp pasrah je la.

    58. mhy says:

      pakai kete apapun same je bro….klu nak laju beli kapal terbang la…..hehe…apapun yg penting beli kete ikut minat dan kemampuan sendiri baru puas hati beb….

    59. gjol says:

      aku nak tau dari segi maintenance plak…regular servis charge untuk vios dgn city mane lagi mahal???skang ni aku pakai kancil..dah 2 tahun le..so far ok le…tapi sejak jadi family guy ni rase sempit je kancil tu…anyway toyota tngah ader promotion for rase interest 2.**% je…

    60. yom says:

      aku tgh peninnk beli vios trd atau city modulo, dr segi harga vity modulo dlm rm94k and vios trd lak dlm rm91k, performance 2 2 best cuma city modulo npk lg sporty la, tp sohc, vios trd lak dohc. tlg aku , peningla, kalu spare parts lak, toyota ke honda yg mhl?

    61. kdi says:


      Jgn pening2.. Kalo tanye kdi, kdi terus syorkan Honda City. Even basic model lagi berbaloi dari angkat Vios TRD. Sory ye vios owner.. hu2.. tapi kdi dah test drive dua2 kereta baru ni. memang city lagi berbaloi. especially enjin die.. rasa lagi sedap. rpm 2k je kalo 100kmh. ada paddle shifter, design lagi cantik. honda technology enjin lagi advance dgn ivtec.

    62. zham_5117 says:

      sy just nk kongsi pengalaman la sikit..bagi sy kereta yang selesa dipandu adalah kereta yang berat..
      toyota vios vvt =1050kg (body ringan, cornering out,absober keras xmain sbb body ringan, 130 – 150km/h melayang2 handling..) 70k ke atas
      honda city vtec =1150kg (body ringan but better compare vios, enjin tiptop sebab dh test dgn gen2 cps) 70k ke atas
      proton gen2 cps =1245kg (body berat berbanding waja n persona, handling n cornering very good,160 – 180 km/h tiada gegaran dan steady) 60k..

      last week test kat higway dari kulai ke bangi sy bw gen2 cps follow honda city tgk meter dah cecah 185km/h..not bad la city punye performance enjin die..tapi masa tue sy xbrani nak laju lg coz my bapa mertua ada skali..risau die marah bw laju2..hehehe…(terus terang sy cakap 160km/h bw gen2 cps satu tangan pegang stering xde masalah) dari kulai sampai seremban amek masa 2jam je lepas tue sangkut kat seremban jem kat sejam….lambat jgk la sampai…hahahaha…sekian…

    63. encikZoom says:

      ape2 pun x tak pa antara honda or toyota.kualiti terjamin dlm jangka amsa pjg. kalau nak drift brbnding waja mmg x sesuai pun.city n vios utk kereta family brsantai. aku compare vios aku dgn my fren yg dibeli serentak tahun 2003.

      waja – vios
      absober – dah tukar belum
      getah stereng- dah berkurap ok je
      meter – 2X repair ok je
      pwr window – hahahaha ok je
      cat – dah pudar kilat cantik
      enjin – bbrpa part major tukar stakat ni yg major blum tukar ape2
      enjin sound – start bising smooth mcm dulu
      aircond – sekali servis belum pernah! still cold
      drive shaft – sebelah dah tukar belum
      servis – setiap 5,000 setiap 10,000!!
      timing belt -yg ni x pasti x payah tukar sbb guna timing chain
      dashboard – gegar/pudar still mcm asal
      kepuasan -dia mnyesal aku boleh tidur lena

      penilaian di atas adalah bg org yg mcm aku x pentingkan power,speedy ssbuah kete….tp pentingkn kualiti long term dan kenyenyakan tidur mlm.

    64. akulah says:

      kalu ada duit beli la city
      kalu kurang duit beli proton
      nk compare handling dgn proton mmg ar dia berat=stabil.
      kalu nak corner laju2 pakai la keta F1 mmg xtbabas nyer hehehe
      sape yg hidupnya byk dok dlm keta baik amik keta mahal
      kalo tak baik bli rumah.
      city dgn vios,of cos city sbb baru kua.
      kalu vios trd tu mekap je (kan? sori kalo tak btol)
      tapi city soch je…ha cemana?
      tapi torq dia tggi sket (beza 5N/m) pd rpm yg lbh tggi (beza 600rpm) dgn bil gear lgh tggi (5) compare dgn vios (4).
      mgkin beza dr segi fuel pract city better.
      vios enjin power skt tp myk kuat sbb nk handle 2 cam, city single cam.
      tgk ar ko nk bwk cmana.

    65. ghani says:

      My opinion about city. Nice cruise sebab rpm rendah. Under power bila ade jln yang mendaki (uphill) 10% ke atas. Vios feel nothing on this situation, rasa under power bila up hill 25%. Kalau banyak travelling pada jln berbukit bukau, baik pilih Vios sebab jimat. Kalau jalan mendatar, City sesuai. Dari apa yang saya dpt compare. City akan consume extra 10% fuel when uphill. But still jimat compare to my previos perdana V6. Hahaha…

    66. annalin says:

      sy br booking city gred e, 3.5% 9yrs cimb…
      need 2 wait 2months.. huhu

    67. Norman says:

      Honda City favorit gua kalau tak krana harge merepek dia.Vios common lah baik di Singapore atau Malaysia.Kete ringan sangat lagi pun.Gua lebih prefer JDM Toyota

    68. gen2 cps says:

      apasal aku punya komen kena delete ni…

    69. dee says:

      Saya baru pakai tiga minggu city. Before raya plan travel balik kg dari gombak ke ipoh sebelah isteri..>>then go to kota bharu ikut grik>>go back ikut..kuala terengganu>>rantau abang>>kuantan>>.final destination masuk gombaklah. Totally minyak yg dah diisi around RM185. Average speed around 100-120KM/h.(kdg2 jer tekan lebih ckit 140Km/h)So, how about your opinion friends? Naik grik ari tu lalu ikut jln bukit2 tuh so far so goodlah enjinnya.

    70. Norman says:

      Yup i agree with Chin Bee Hong comments.If you really keen for Jap brands then go for the JDM models as the quality and accesories are renowned.Made in Thailand Honda and Toyota are almost similiar to Proton but overpriced.I’ve driven the Toyota Vios on rental basis for 3 days and what i can say the handling on high speed cannot make it.Gen-2 high speed is more better and stable.As for the City its look handsome,Better than Vios which look overdesign in my honest opinion but way too pricey for Tomyam cars.My suggestion is to go for Honda Civic,Stream,Accord or Toyota JDM models..Even Suzuki Swift is not much to shout about as its made in Indonesia.The real JDM Swift is the 1.2XG and 1.5X if i’m not mistaken.

    71. Norman says:

      Bro Sohc tak semestinye underpower.Kete muscle American banyak yang gunakan 4 liter Sohc 32v V8 supercharge boleh pump senang2 350hp 480nm.Honda Fit pun Sohc tapi dia punye pelesit amacam kira?

    72. Norman says:

      Bro lu kalao tengok meter memang laju,Kalo kete 1.5 meter 240kmh lu speed sampai 200 tak semestinye kete lu 200.Nak accurate lu pakai speed trap dan tengok rpm lu.Kete kalao pick up kuat memang meter cepat naik.

    73. dolkeke says:

      salam kawan2. sy pny city akan kluar hjg bulan ni. nk tnya pendapat kawan2, adakah harga keta city ni akan turun pd tahun depan sbb AFTA. thanx

    74. needa says:

      aku pakai vios dah 3 tahun lebih. prestasi ok. tak penah buat hal. pick up. tak der bunyi2. worth it. thumbs up to vios :)

    75. needa says:

      ha.. lagi satu. vios jimat minyak. aku balik penang 120 – 140 km/h, estimated fuel cost around for one way RM 40-45 only. tp vios aku vios lama la. x tau model baru mcm mana. should be the same.

    76. qq says:

      waja vs city vs vios ..
      aku da bwk sume keta diatas ..
      bile aku bawak waja lepas tu aku bwk city & vios aku rasa mcm bwk sampan beb ..
      city & vios pnye handling lg teruk lg waja malah saga blm lg best handling dr city & vios ..
      x caya pegi test drive ..
      pasal kualiti member aku pakai waja die cakap x penah ada masalah da dekat 5 tahun pakai ..
      power window ok, servis murah, spepart murah & senang dapat ..
      laju plak tu 200km/h slamber & x goyang lgsg ..
      siap pakai rim 17 pickup kuat jek ..
      minyak pun xde kuat mane stakat kl-jb setengah tangki jek ..

    77. Sam says:

      My vios s spec is a nice car :-)

    78. Good post. I learn something totally new
      and challenging on sites I stumbleupon everyday. It will always be helpful to read through
      articles from other authors and practice something from their sites.

    79. faiz hamdan says:

      komen korang semua sangat berguna bagi aku… banyak aku belajar dari korang semua punya pengalaman.. aku baru nak angkat kereta, kebetulan ada pulak page ni… terbaik la.. aku buat keputusan untuk angkat Vios sebab jimat minyak, lagi pun aku bujang lagi… aku banyak main kat jalan,.. naik motor mana tahan,… hujan ja, bawah jambatan.. hahaha.. Honda City ayah aku dah angkat, abang ipar Honda civic,.. biar aku tak nak kawan dengan diowang..

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