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    For 2009 Toyota Eco Youth Programme it involved 16 teams.from 16 schools across the country.The challenge for them is simple which is to reduce envitonmental impact in their respective schools.Read the full news from motortrader below.


    Since 2001, UMW Toyota Motor has been running the Toyota Eco Youth Programme as part of its annual Corporate Social Responsibility activities. The programme, a joint effort by UMW Toyota Motor and the Ministry of Education, is intended to educate Malaysian youth on the importance of conserving the environment and also inspire them to act responsibly towards the environment.

    “Our commitment extends beyond making our products safe and environmentally friendly. The Toyota Eco Youth programme is a good example of this. Further, to create value in our initiatives for the environment, we seek to educate and instil a love as well as a sense of care for the environment in the nation’s youth”, said Haji Aminar Rashid Salleh, Executive Director, UMW Toyota Motor. He added that after 9 years, the TEY programmed had seen the participation of 136 schools involving around 912 students.

    For the 2009 Toyota Eco Youth (TEY) event which concluded its programme with a 2-day Convention and Exhibition recently, 16 secondary schools, each representing a state in Malaysia (including the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya and Labuan), displayed their environment management projects (to reduce environmental impact in their schools) developed over a period of 6 months. Each school’s team consisted of 8 students and 2 teachers.

    At the start of each year’s programme, each school received a grant of RM1,000 to kick-start their project. At the conclusion, cash prizes (ranging from RM5,000 – RM1,000) were awarded by UMW Toyota Motor for the best 5 projects as well as category awards for the Best Presentation, Best Exhibition and Best Website.

    Participating schools were also given spaces on the Toyota Eco Youth website for their project. The students used their microsite to provide updates on the status of their project as well as explain it. The approach, which began last year, enabled UMWT to view the progress made by the participating teams, instead of just relying on their written reports.

    Feedback from the participants over the years has shown that they have had an increased level of awareness for environmental conservation while vouching for the Problem-Solving Approach as an effective and practical strategy. This approach, with a strict 7-step formula, is a standard fundamental procedure for tackling problems scientifically and rationally, and works as a basis for identifying issues and developing strategies.

    For the TEY event in 2010, there will be a “Sustainability Award” to encourage this year’s participants to sustain their projects at their respective schools for the year 2010. ‘Sustainability’ is the important message behind every TEY programme as caring for the environment requires a sustained effort.

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