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    the worst interior of lamborghini

    That looks a lot the same (front the front), this Lamborghini Murcielago replica is based on a Pontiac Fierro chassis. Exterior is extremely gorgeous but the interior is disappointed. They really need some work on the interior, the seller confirms that it is now mostly complete. The car has a new motor and transmission came out of a 2002 Buick Park Avenue Ultra which is a series 3 GM 3800 Supercharged motor. Someone has win the bid at USD29,600 on eBay. Video after the break.

    the worst interior of lamborghini

    the worst interior of lamborghini
    the worst interior of lamborghini
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    5 Responses

    1. saga0909 says:

      ha..ha.. APA NI??? Lambo lama…

    2. apisZ says:

      Kahkah.. Hodoh gile interior

    3. kdi says:

      bukan, tapi model Pontiac Fierro yang di ubahsuai jadi sebijik macam lambo

    4. eriz says:

      yg luar bleh terima lg…tp bab yg dlm nih ape bende,da mcm reban ayam…

    5. joko says:

      Reban ayam… hmmm aku ingat ayam pun lebih rela tido kat atas atap tu dari kat dalam..

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