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    Today, we would like to post an interesting topic that will catch your eyes.If in Malaysia our government used the Proton Perdana V6 as the official car for the minister.How about in Indonesia?.For your info, the Indonesian Government have bought a fleet of  Toyota Crown Royal Saloon for their minister.The price for this car in Indonesia is Rp. 452.000.000 – Rp. 584.000.000 or RM 165 432.00 – RM 213 744 . (Not included tax). This controversial move already sparking public resentment.

    Read some words from Indonesia’s State Secretary Sudi Silalahi.

    .“I don’t think that there’s something extraordinary [with the procurement of the new cars]. It’s not a luxurious car; it’s also a Toyota, though maybe a grade above [the Camry],” Sudi said in response to journalists’ inquiry.

    “The old Camry cars had been used for five years and they’re no longer effective. Moreover, the class was Camry; I often had to take it to workshop,” added the former Cabinet Secretary in the 2004-2009 administration.

    New Toyota Crown Royal Saloon sedans for Cabinet ministers are parked in front of the Presidential Palace, Jakarta.The Indonesian government will provide 150 of these expensive cars to Cabinet members and heads of state institutions.


    Read about an article about Toyota Crown Royal Saloon which already became a controversy in Indonesia below.Article by Toyota Indonesia.

    Johnny Darmawan, president director PT. Toyota-Astra Motor.


    Kontroversi tentang mobil para menteri menggelinding bak bola salju. “Saya harap, masalah mobil menteri tak dijadikan polemik,” sahut Johnny Darmawan, presiden direktur PT. Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM).Karena pemakaian sedan premium sekelas Toyota Crown Royal Saloon, murni atas inisiatif pemerintah. “Alternatifnya antara Toyota Camry dan Royal Saloon, namun mungkin Camry sudah banyak yang pakai, akhirnya diputuskan untuk menggunakan Crown Royal Saloon”.

    Seputar harga, Johnnymenilai terlalu dibesar-besarkan. Karena menurutnya harga antara Toyota Camry dan Royal Crown Saloon tak terlampau jauh, hanya berkisar Rp. 100 jutaan. ” Banyak menganggap harga Toyota Crown Royal Saloon hingga Rp 1,3 miyar tidak masuk akal. Karena harga aslinya hanya berada pada level Rp 600 jutaan” ungkapnya. Beliau pun menambahkan, bahwa masalah pajak yang membuat harga sedan premium tersebut menjadi melambung tinggi, tak berlaku bagi mobil dinas pemerintah.

    We hope that you can understand the article above.That’s the Bahasa Indonesia and slightly different with our Bahasa Malaysia.

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