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    ford ka

    The new Ford Ka is expected to be officially presented to the public only when the 2008 edition of Paris Motor Show opens its doors. Its pictures should be released a little earlier, but Ford probably didn’t want this “earlier” to be so soon. On purpose or not, the fact is that the first image of Ford’s supermini is out on the Web. And here it is.

    We will see so many new compact car produced this year and after this because of the fuel price hike. This type of car is the most affordable and suitable for people now working in the city. This type car should have more exposure in Malaysia to be a solution for the fuel price even though our government said that the fuel price might goes down after this, we should make a preparation in case it will not happen and the fuel price will go on hiking more and more.

    ford ka 2008

    Produced in Tychy, Poland, the next generation Ford Ka shares its platform with Fiat 500, but not only that. The engines, a 1.25-litre petrol powerplant and a 1.3-litre Multijet, diesel, already offered in the Italian car, will also be available for Ka, probably with different calibrations. More powerful motors will be used in the future, to challenge other “pocket rockets” like Renault Twingo RS and Fiat 500 Abarth, but Ford will surely try to put the Ka apart with a special suspension tuning.

    Co-developed with Fiat and riding on the same architecture as the funky retro-style Fiat 500, the styling of the Ford Ka is unique and will follow Ford’s newest design language. It also draws many of its styling cues from its bigger brother, the Fiesta (the Ka has traditionally been a 3-door version of the Fiesta).

    new ford ka

    The 2009 Ford Ka will share the Fiat 500’s range of petrol and diesel engines which starts from 1.2-litres. Rumours that a performance-oriented 1.4-litre Ka ST will be offered as a future variant, with the possibility of a range topping RS model also being discussed.

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