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    What? The Suzuki Kizashi concepts which are red, white and silver and about 3 feet high each are ready for the scrap heap?.The Kizashi concept, meaning ‘Prelude’ in Japanese is designed to take Suzuki into a new vehicle segment, in line with the company’s aim to move more upmarket and mainstream with their offerings.Check out this spy shot of the three Suzuki Kizashi concept cars partially destroyed and stacked up outside a warehouse in Shizuoka.This spy shot was taken in 2009.

    The Kizashi, Kizashi 2 and Kizashi 3 concepts seen in Shizuoka are ready for the scrap heap, apparently the roofs on all three have been crushed down to make stacking easier and it looks as though the white Kizashi 2 has fared the worst of the three. These were static concepts so the only salvagable parts would’ve been the wheels and tires if anything. We’re not sure why some parts have been removed and others haven’t, it could very well be because of vandalism or a Suzuki employee wanting something nice to fill that empty space above his fireplace.


    The Suzuki Kizashi is a dramatic design, especially from the front where the enormous tapering grille blends into the aggressive slit-eyed LED headlights.


    Down the sides there is a strong shoulder line which gives the concept a powerful stance, and coupled with the low roofline the car has a sporting appearance despite the estate car profile. The front door handles are inconspicuous despite their chrome finish, while the rear door handles are hidden in the rear side window frame.


    At the rear of the Kizashi concept the lines are clear and crisp with the taillights flowing from the shoulder line into the rear hatch beautifully. The twin inset chrome exhausts positioned either side of the bumper finish of the rear perfectly.

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