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  • The New Myvi SE Special Edition 2008- Bold, Exclusive, Sporty And Sylish

    Myvi SE 2008 3


    Bored of the old plain looking myvi? or couldnt get enough of the special editions?Worry no more.Perodua will now release The New Myvi SE 2008 on 10 October.

    As in our previous post about the new Myvi,the new Myvi SE hasn’t been changed throughly but there is a noticeable changes made by perodua and the design is better and beautiful than before for sure.The new myvi is equipped with a smoke headlamp which is a very famous aftermarket upgrade by a lot of myvi user.The fiery look of the front end of the car is completed with a sporty bumper which houses a pair of foglight.

    Myvi SE 2008 2

    Looking from the rear, youll be surprised how a tame and cute myvi had become a fierce one.Equipped with a sporty bumper and an LED clad tail light.

    Myvi SE 2008 5

    Interior wise, you’ll get a double din CD player which may support MP3,USB and Bluetooth.Even if you want to upgrade the head unit, it is as simple as ABC where you can straight away install the new player without having to think about buying special bracket or altering the console.

    Myvi SE 2008 7

    Myvi SE 2008 1

    smooth edges..


    Myvi SE 2008 4


    with new color…


    New Myvi SE orange





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    18 Responses

    1. saiful says:

      namaku myvi panggilku myswift

    2. sham says:

      haha.. that’s a good one..

    3. sunmelon says:

      bagus!!! satu cabaran & amaran pada pengeluar2 keta impot kat malaysia yg keta2 m'sia pun sedang mengalami evolusi.

    4. cae says:

      kasi angkt 1 la ni mcm……..

    5. ila says:

      wow… bapak nyer lawar my vi baru nie…. rasa nak tukar jer myvi aku….

    6. bdk_ipoh says:

      syabas myvi team…

      wish ur all come another great idea….

    7. iena says:

      cun giler..myvi baru ni…aku nak beli rsatu hehehhe…colour dia pun cantik tuuuu……..

    8. Johnlabu says:

      memang santik myvi SE ni. aku rase mcm nk jual myvi aku tu dan beli myvi baru ni

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    9. wac 6006 says:

      aku akn dptkn gak keta ni dlm taun dpan

    10. koko says:

      Hodoh…Memang Hodoh Dari Myvi SE yang lama…Tapi aku respek kat headlamp nyer…cantik…seat hodoh…gauge hodoh…bodykit hodoh…lampu jer cantik…ops, lupa…radio nya pun best…senang tukar player…

    11. zamrizaman says:

      WOW…..fabulous la SE baru ni……..dia org claim minyak lagi jimat dari yang lama ooooo……boleh 16 km 1 liter…wah….manyak jimat oooooo….
      wa dah booking 1 color potih……hehe. Jangan jeles…………..Ada komen kawan2?????

    12. zamrizaman says:

      woi koko…….lu tara suka SE ni lu punya pasal le……..tapi gua tengok org2 muda suka ooooo….lu olang tua ka???

    13. zaza says:

      i dah amiik satu…color tangerine orange….memang kete ni jimat minyak la…

    14. kdi says:

      Zaza, bleh share berapa fuel consumpition myvi se tu tak? Manual ke auto? brape km/litre? RM/km?

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