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    Plan to travel in Shanghai, China? The transportation is quiet easy there especially if you study hard on the train route. Make sure to take direct flight to Pudong International Airport which is via MAS flight from KUL. Do not get the cheap air ticket provided by “the red” airlines coz they will land at very small airport in Guangzhou which is around 200km far from Shanghai city. From Pudong (PVG) you have an option to go to Shanghai City by Line 2 normal train which takes nearly 1 hour or by Maglev Magnetic Levitation train which takes only 8 minutes.

    Riding on the Maglev train at max speed of 431km/h is fun! It covers 30km journey in only 8 minutes! It costs RMB 40 (RM20)  if you show your flight ticket per person one way.

    Stop at Longyang Road and get Line 2 train to the city. The normal train will cost around RMB 3-9 only.

    Or you have an option to get a cab or taxi. But I will not recommend you to take any taxi there. Most of the taxi drivers cannot speak and understand English. Unless you show the address of your hotel in chinese words. The charges is also quite expensive. Better to take train to anywhere.

    You can also get a electric bus like picture above or city sightseeing bus for one day at only RMB100 to any tourist attraction place in Shanghai like Nanjing Road for shopping, The Bund for river cruise, Jade Temple, People Square and Yu Garden.



    What is the best shopping complex in Shanghai? Where to shopping? Nanjing Road shopping places? Well na.. This is not the actual shopping paradise. the price is quite high here. Don’t waste your time if you like to bargain here. Go straight to Xianyang Market at the Science and Technology Museum train station Metro Line 2. That is the real best shopping place in Shanghai. Bargain 10 times lower from the offered price there! =)


    What is the most common car brand used by Shanghai’s people? Absolutely Volkswagen. From taxi to police cars, Volkswagen is their first choice.


    What the F???? The F is Flower! Luckily, it is spring season in Shanghai now and there are a lot of beautiful flowers around.


    The most beautiful cars in Shanghai? It is Buick Lacrosse! Looks like BMW 5 series but better.


    The train transportation service is very efficient. You dont have to walk too far to find nearest station and you dont have to wait too long to get a train, just around 2-3 minutes waiting. It is the most easy transportation available in Shanghai. get the train route map and study well and you will save your time and money seriously.


    Another transportation available by motorists.


    Taxi? make sure you know to how speak chinese. haha


    Inside the train.


    Get the nice memory in Shanghai by cruising along Huangpu River by River cruise Ship at night where you can see Shanghai real nice scenery of modern building including the highest TV tower in China. the ride costs only RMB100 per person per ride in one hour start from the bund.

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