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    Sambung bayar Continue payment


    So what exactly is ‘sambung bayar‘? This was an alien concept to me up until recently when I realised that cars were bought and sold on what felt more like a gentleman’s agreement than a binding contract. The term ‘sambung bayar‘ really refers to an owner who is still currently servicing a loan for his/her car but wants to sell it off to a party that would purchase it and continue servicing the original owner’s loan. Up until the loan repayments are completed, the car’s ownership is then transferred over to the purchaser via a JPJ K3 form.
    The seller usually gets a one time deposit from the purchaser as a guarantee of intent as well as a fallback in the event that the purchaser falls foul on servicing the seller’s loan. A simple continue payment agreement is signed between both parties at point of handing over the car, to signify that the purchaser will now continue paying the current loan and is responsible for the vehicle itself and that the transfer of ownership will be performed upon the completion of the loan.
    So what drives folks to not mind ‘purchasing’ a car without having a ownership transfer performed? One of the main reasons for this is the fact that the purchaser wants to drive around in a better car than he/she can otherwise afford if he/she were to purchase it second hand (due to second hand loan rates, heavy downpayment etc). Others purchase cars through this method because they are not able to get the credit line required for such a purchase.
    Whatever the reasons for buying and selling through the sambung bayar method, it undoubtedly has a pretty big market here locally.
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    35 Responses

    1. zam says:

      sy cari kereta sambung bayar

    2. sn.suresh says:

      cari keta smbg byr.honda ek.tau bmw e46 318i 1.9cc

    3. Aaru says:

      kereta sambung bayar…bajet ansuran bulanan sampai 1200..

    4. suraya says:

      Sy nk cari org smbung byr. Myvi putih rim putih, myvi 2008.

    5. sepul says:

      Cik suraya…. wasap kat saya pic n condition kete awak… 0+1+2+6+8+16811 tq

    6. Nishen says:

      I would like a for to travel far distant which I can continew payment.auto car with 1.6 n above it prefer .

    7. Nishen says:

      My fon number is 0196512658 pls a big car also can but auto.

    8. ungku abdullah says:

      Saya mencari kereta sambung bayar alza

    9. ungku abdullah says:

      Saya nak alza sambung bayar

    10. zamri bin sulaiman says:

      mencari kereta sambung bayar DP 12000 bulanan 1100

    11. zamri bin sulaiman says:

      mencari kereta sambung bayar DP 12000 bulanan 1100 call 0172688471

    12. SOFFY SALLEH says:

      Saya perlukan MYVI AUTO sambung bayar. Deposit not more than 3k dan bulanan can be up to 550.00 to 600.00 per month. please ams me or whatss app me 016 7962985

    13. muhammad says:

      Perodua Viva Elite Auto 1.0 cc 2010 for continue loan payment
      Pay rm3500 and continue monthly rm482
      Watsapp only 0176707981 muhammad

    14. zue says:

      sy mencari myvi auto dan alza untuk sambung bayar..call 0173888455

    15. daun bawang says:

      mencari mpv sambung bayar bajet bulanan rm500..sesiapa yg berminat boleh menghubungi saya di talian 0132345501

    16. fanddy says:

      saya ada saga dan exora untuk di sambung bayar saga 2009 manual bulanan 330 no due nak rm4000 exoraauto full spec premium tahun 2011 bulanan 743 no due deposit rm9000 hubungi saya 011-21212421

    17. hadi says:

      Saya mncari kereta alza utk disambung byar

    18. hadi says:

      Saya mncari kereta alza utk disambung byar-0179356579

    19. farizal says:

      saya nak kereta toyota helluk sambung bayar

    20. warth says:

      saya nak cari kereta sambung bayar tanpa deposit / dowpayment rm2k bagi kereta viva elit manual atau axia G manual .. sila inform saya jika ada di watshup 0178020402 .

    21. umiey says:

      Saya perlukan MYVI AUTO sambung bayar…deposit bawah rm1k..urgent hubungi sy 0126696346

    22. lan says:

      Saya mahu myvi @ viva @ axia sambung bayar, [email protected]

    23. Janani says:

      Im looking for Axia/Viva/Myvi – All auto for sambung bayar. Deposit not more than 3K.
      Urgent. please call/whatsapp [email protected]

    24. MOHD NASIR says:

      Saya nak cari perodua kenari bajet RM10k ,sambung bayar

    25. ASHRAFE says:

      Grand Livina Original Impul Spek 1.8 tahun 2012 untuk disambung bayar.. Deposit RM15K.. Monthly RM1,114.00.. Berminat sila hubungi @ wassap 012-6534445 ( ASHRAFE ).. Tq..

    26. Syahida says:

      Saya sedang mencari kereta auto MYVI , ALZA atau Toyota Wish sambung bayar without deposit or minimum deposit kurang dari 1k.

    27. Mitsubishi asx suvs euro special edition n limited edition plate number pkf59 , pearl white color dan untuk sambung bayar baki bawah 40k , harga semasa 100k , montly rm1195…. perlu bayar 40k termasuk roadtax , insurance dan kemasan kereta , perlu segera jika berminat tel terus pemilik handfone number 012-4659993 En Hassan Abdullah , U.R.G.E.N.T……..

    28. mie says:

      Saya mencari suprima sambung bayar.. klu ada blh whatsapp sy. Urgent

    29. max says:

      sy mencari peugeot model 2008. nk sambung bayar.

    30. rosli says:

      saya sedang mencari alza sambung bayar kaw utara…hubungi saya di tel 0174581516

    31. azim amer says:

      assalam…saya ada sebuah nissan livina 1.6 M utk di sambung bayar…tahun livina Okt 2010..baki lebih kurang 3 tahun …bulanan RM 893..deposit RM 13,500.00…kalau minat call 011 2065 8544 utk buat aggrement…

    32. Mie says:

      Assalamualaikum… Sy nk mntak pendapat or pandangan otai2.. Sy guna kereta nissan sentra n16 1. 8.. Sy nk upgred ke 2. 0.. Engine apa yg bleh masuk tnpa byk edjust.. (Tapak).. T. K..

    33. hafiz says:

      proton suprima auto premium spec utk sambung bayar. deposit RM13000 bulanan RM840.. berminat boleh hubungi 0195021310.. harga boleh bincang

    34. Sathia says:

      Im looking for Estima ACR 50, for sambung bayar..
      pls advised.. can all me at 0123251646

    35. Malik says:

      Saya mencari myvei elet sambuny byr. Depost 2k

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