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    Here I would like to share my experience about transportation and getting around tips or guide while travelling in Rome, Italy. Overall, Italy is a very nice place to go and I would highly recommend for people who loves travelling to go there. There are too many interesting places in Italy especially in Rome. I really love the architecture on each of it’s building. And I personally think Italy have better design compare to building in London which express more classical and historical theme that you can enjoy.




    Getting around Rome Italy is not that hard. Eventhough most of them cannot speak English very well, but they are very helpful and try to help you anytime. Above picture is the underground train station which is closed at the midnight. the best way to travel in rome is via its train services.


    Buying a train ticket for the first time is quite confusing. Luckily one Italian girl willing to help me eventhough she cannot speak English. It is quite easy actually. The most important thing, just select the language at the Britain’s Flag which represent English language. And just follow the instruction. Italy using Euro money. For time integrated ticket fee around city, just pay 1 Euro for 75 minutes journey unlimited to anywhere. It is so easy.

    If you prefer to travel by rental car in Italy by car hire company, you can fill up your gasoline at the small petrol station just beside the road like above. Very unique style of Petrol station. The price of petrol or fuel in Italy is around 1.221 to 1.371 Euro which is around RM5.50 per litre.


    You also can enjoy the water transportation just like this river cruise for tourist along the river in Rome.


    Like other countries, Italy also have it’s own double decker bus for city sight seeing. It is available at the tourist attraction place like St Peters Basilica.


    Police Patrol Car in Italy with the wording “Polizia”


    The underground train. Uscita means exit.


    Tram service also available at the Rome main road for you to travel anywhere nearby. You can buy your 1 Euro ticket on board to any destination. The road name sign is on the building along the road like in the red circle above.


    One thing very obvious in Rome City, they love the compact city car very well. I saw so many Smart Fortwo and other compact cars on the road compare to other big cars. I wonder why until i saw above picture. The parking space is quite limited in the city and this is the speciality of Smart Fortwo. This is where i started to like a little bit on the car too.. =P


    Most of the bikers using scooter to get around.

    The Mercedes minivan is one of the best transport for you to transfer from Fiumicino Leonardo Da Vinci Airport (FCO) to Rome City which only costs 10 Euros within 40 minutes compare to train which costs 12 Euros.


    Otherwise, you can use one of the white taxis available at each transportation terminal like airport and the main train station.


    The Italian national airline is Alitalia. They have a very nice service and most of the time, it is not hard to get a seat. Above picture in Airbus A-321 flight from Rome to Geneva.


    Getting halal food in Italy? You can find some shop owned by Turkish people selling kebab. When you enter, you will see a Halal Certificates hanging on the wall. This is where I found the best kebab and Italian Pizza. It is just beside the Roma Termini main train station.


    An art or vandalisme? Luckily we have no critical vandalisme like this on our public transportation.


    Rome’s road at mid night. Just on the tramway.

    The Roma Termini Main Train Station in Rome Italy.

    The main attraction interesting places in Italy are the Colosseum in Rome and St Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City. The must visit place in Italy.

    Picture captured at the top of Cupola of St Peter’s Basilica Rome. Entrance fee is just 7 Euro.

    I hope this post will help you in planning your travel trip to Rome Italy with the public transportation service and getting around tips. =)

    For those who have been there, you can share your exciting experience here.

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