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    Dreamt up by Jeremy Westerlund while studying at the Art Center School of Design, the amazing Rolls-Royce Apparition is a a great blend of classic design elements and futuristic ones.The design offers sharp geometric lines, a massive hood and large 23-inch wheels. The design is also based around the old motor carriages that had a chauffeur sitting up front, exposed to the elements, with the passengers coddled inside. Like most contemporary Rolls models, the front is utterly dominated by the prominent grille and hood ornament.

    Jeremy Westerlund also provided a little synopsis of the inspiration behind his creation. He sees the Apparition Concept as “An ultra luxurious chauffeur driven limousine evoking the glamor and sophistication of chauffeur driven cars in the past that has since been lost. This vehicle is about being seen, but at the same time being invisible or an “Apparition” in the sense that you’re safely tucked away in its palatial and private interior. Exterior model-milled foam from Alias data.”

    Thankfully, this is just a 1:4 scale model concept, so the chances of anyone building this Phantom-based vehicle is slim to none.

    Although just a design for the time being, the model itself is nearly six feet long, and in reality would measure over 23 feet long, or four feet longer than the Phantom saloon.

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