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    Backup collisions happen when a driver reverses the car into an object, person, or other car. Although most cars come equipped with rear view mirrors which are adequate for detecting vehicles behind a car, they are inadequate on many vehicles for detecting small children or objects close to the ground, which fall in the car’s blind spot. Large trucks have much larger blind spots that can hide entire vehicles and large adults.

    Normally backup collisions

    1.occur in residential driveways and parking lots

    2.involve sport utility vehicles (SUVs) or small trucks

    3.occur when a parent, relative or someone known to the family is driving

    4.particularly affect children less than five years old

    Reverse sensors are a technology that allows the driver of an automobile, truck, or commercial vehicle to be alerted to nearby objects in their path. Reverse sensors are also known as backup sensors, parking sonar or just sonar depending on the automaker. While there are variations in the design and feaures of these systems, the basic design puts sensors in the vehicle’s bumper or on brackets. These sensors send ultrasonic waves at 40,000 times per second that detect obstacles behind the vehicle. A controller installed inside the vehicle then receives the signal from the sensors and transmits it to a speaker that emits a tone, or to a combination speaker and display unit.


    This system also automatically activated when you engage reverse gear. Small sensors are located at the rear of the vehicle, they send and receive ultrasonic radio waves, which bounce off obstacles and alert you to their presence. There is an internal buzzer that gradually increases in frequency as you approach the object and shows you the distance in the LCD display.

    Price range: RM 100-RM350

    Basic features:

    Wireless display: No need run a cable between display and main control box

    Front and Rear arrow direction, Graded LED lamp

    1. Alarm with Rainbow LED display

    2. Embeded “bi…Bi…” buzzer (or human voice speaker) and Left/Right tri-color lampĀ 2.2~8 pieces different color sensors is available

    3. Different type waterproof sensor

    4. Sensor could be with waterproof plug, it’s convenient to replace sensor

    5. Easy installation

    6. Alarm volume: 75~90 dB

    7. Power(DC): +9~+16 V

    8. Operation temperature available: -35~+75 degrees

    Therefore, whenever you have a car and have children this device is very useful and it helps you a lot in order to save your car and the most important to save your beloved children.


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