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    Red Tape Behind High Cost Of Proton Perdana Maintenance, Say Service Dealers

    We have heard of the news from 3 state which is Terengganu, Perak and Penang want to replace their Proton Perdana V6 to other car as their official car. This is due to very high maintenance cost. Is it true that the cost of maintaining a Proton Perdana V6 is too high until can go up to half a million? If we think back, it is absolutely not logic. But how this things can happen? In fact, just government car that have high maintenance cost? We didnt here any of perdana V6 owner stated that the cost of maintaining the car is so high. Anyway, this exposition of highly maintenance car perdana v6 will affect the market of perdana v6 as people are going to be afraid to buy the car.

    And comparing the car to the nearest competitors such as Mitsubishi Lancer GT and Honda Civic 1.8 VTEC, I believe that no one will choose the Perdana V6. And we also believe that the cost of maintaining the car is not that high. So to perdana v6 fans, dont bother about all the speculation. below is some of the news from the star and bernama:

    Proton has refuted claims that the cost to maintain its Perdana model was high and reiterated that the fee charged was reasonable.

    In a statement here Tuesday, Proton said the maintenance cost-effectiveness of a car depended largely on regular servicing at authorised service centres every three months or every 5,000km or as recommended by the manufacturer.

    It said the mileage per year and the driver’s driving habits would also determine the car’s maintenance cost.

    According to the statement, each regular service was normally in the RM200 range. This included oil filter and labour but excluded parts and components, mechanical failure and collision repairs.

    It added the typical mileage for a car under normal usage was between 20,000km and 30,000km per year.

    “During this mileage period, the average total maintenance cost of a Perdana V6 is estimated to be at RM2,300, based on records collated from authorised service dealers and branches,” it said.

    The Proton Edar Dealers Association Malaysia (PEDA) on Tuesday called on state and federal governments to eradicate the red tape for registration of authorised workshops to servis Proton vehicles.

    This will ensure competitiveness in maintenance cost, said PEDA deputy president Armin Baniaz Pahamin.

    Currently, only the government-registered workshops are allowed to service and maintain state and federal government vehicles, thus limiting the options, he said.

    “This practice will also lead to corruption and exorbitant cost of maintenance charged by the registered workshops since there are less workshops as an alternative,” he said in a statement Tuesday.

    Armin Baniaz said without the red tape concerning registered workshops, the state and federal governments could get the best and most competitive quote from more than 300 authorised Proton Edar and EON service dealers network nationwide.

    “The appointments of Proton Edar authorised workshop are very stringent and they are regularly assessed for competencies and quality control,” he said.

    “As such, Proton Edar authorised workshops should be exempted from any registration to service Proton vehicles under warranty or after warranty for the government,” he added.

    Competition among the 300 authorised dealers to service government vehicles will eradicate any unscrupulous and unnecessary high cost charges, Armin Baniaz said.

    “It is very damaging for Proton dealers when three state governments — Terengganu, Perak and Penang — exposed high cost of maintenance for Proton Perdana, especially when we, the authorised Proton workshop operator, know for a fact that the cost of maintenance for Proton Perdana is not as exorbitant,” he said.

    Proton in a separate statement again refuted claims made on the high maintenance cost of Proton Perdana, and reiterated that the cost to maintain the model is reasonable.

    However, in general cars of more than four years old that are heavily used without proper and regular servicing will incur higher maintenance cost, it said.

    According to the company, it is not accurate to compare the maintenance cost of a new one-year-old car to a high mileage four-year-old car, as the maintenance cost of the latter will naturally be higher.

    Proton also said that its records showed that out of the 55 units of Proton Perdana V6 registered under the Perak state government office, only three were sent to its authorised service centres for the last eight months since the cars were under their custody.

    “We are willing to provide all necessary assistance to the state governments if they require clarification on issues relating to the Perdana, or any other Proton vehicles bought by them,” said Proton’s managing director Datuk Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir.

    PEDA said most of the Proton cars sold now come with a total of five-year extended warranty.

    The cost of regular maintenance for Proton cars ranges between RM200 to a maximum of RM500 per scheduled service, depending on the model.

    A new Proton Perdana bought in 2004 was manufacturer’s warranted for two years.

    A new Proton Perdana purchased now has an option for extended warranty for a total of five years and annual maintenance cost of less than RM500, depending on the usage and driving behaviour.

    More than 60,000 units of the Proton Perdana has been sold since it was launched.

    source : BERNAMA

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