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  • LEXUS RC 200T

    This is the bad thing about stupid and narrow minded people.
    They always think they are right. Brand minded and very arrogant. Plus very blind.

    I found a new topic posted on one of malaysian forum and here is the screen shot.

    The forum user posted about a car hit a bike and the front bumper have a damage.


    Why he is obviously stupid?
    – that is not even a proton’s car. That is chevrolet car. Chevrolet aveo if im not mistaken. Just look at the logo on the sport rim and look carefully at the headlamp design.

    – he did not even know what is the front bumper function and material. The front bumper must be not hard, flexible, and light to absorb any collision especially when it involves pedestrian. If the material is hard like pure fiber, when you hit anything, the bumper will break and totally damaged.

    – this type of people will judge something only by the eyes. Not brain. Most of them really love to knock2 on the car body shell and say ‘ahh… Macam tin milo..’. While they didnt know the the most important part is the tough chasis to save their lives..

    So, before you comment anything about a car, look at yourself first. Dont just blindly say anything without using properly your brain and a good facts. Cheers!

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