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    Two cars, one Proton Saga BLM and one Toyota unser burned by criminal due to grudge. Two criminals trying to kill two police officers by means of burning the House power amplifier in Jalan Imam Abdul Aziz, Kapar Klang today.


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    In the event of about 2.45 hours, two men on a motorcycle entered the victim’s House and continue pouring petrol.Victims, the rank of Lance Corporal from the Kapar police station and Sub Inspector from the Drug and Intelligence operations of the district police headquarters (KUALA PILAH) Klang North of that time are sleeping in the room.

    According to one of the victims, he wakes up from sleep after a powerful explosion sound was heard. “I see the fire is raging and the House filled with smoke, “he told news. The incident led to the main gate destroyed houses and two vehicles of Proton BLM and Toyota Unser earlier also belong to a victim is burned.

    North Klang District Police Chief Assistant Commissioner Mohd Shukor, Sulong said, criminals acting in such a trust are not satisfied in relation to doping, were detained recently. “Victims of the rank of Sub Inspector, aged 50, is an active combat drug activity in the area. “We believe there is a suspect and try to cause deadly grudge against the victim, “he said when found in North Klang, KUALA PILAH POLICE yesterday.

    Mohd Shukor said police also found a plastic drinks bottle was believed to have used a burning object criminals to fill petrol.He said police are reviewing the footage of closed circuit television (CCTV) belonging to the victim’s neighbor for investigation.

    “We’ve identified some men who have been detained in connection drug case recently. The investigation is being carried out to ascertain whether they were involved, “he said.Cases investigated in accordance with section 435 of the Penal Code as treacherous by using fire.

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