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    Australians also like Proton.Read the full news from CarsGuide newspaper below:


    A humble people mover is the key to the future at Proton.

    The seven-seat Exora has just been unveiled in Malaysia and will come to Australia at under $25,000, but it’s the platform of the family wagon that provides the real breakthrough.

    It will be spun in a number of directions, including an all-new Persona family car.

    Talk from Malaysia also points to the platform being used in a potential successor to the Jumbuck ute – which has been a rare success for Proton in Australia – as well as the company’s first station wagon.

    Proton Australia chief John Startari said the Exora was being evaluated in specifications and pricing.

    The biggest shortcoming is the baby 1.6-litre Campro engine that restricts almost everything made by the Malaysian company.

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    5 Responses

    1. acap says:

      “A humble people mover is the key to the future at Proton”

      That’s sentences make me feel regreted. Its not supposed to type it like this, is not correct. Just 4 me i think. I’m sorry if other misunderstanding what im just typing right here.

    2. iz says:

      That sentences from the newspaper in Australia.. aku rasa ayat tu nak puji Proton..sebab menghasilkan kereta yang bagus tok org Australia..Proton Jumbuck n Gen2 antare yg t’kenal selain Savvy kat sana.. a humble people..mcm kita org malaysia yg terkenal dengan adat2 org timur..merendah diri.. aku ade lg news from Australia..nanti aku post..

    3. unsw says:

      orang australia , dorang lebih suka pakai toyota sbb murah dan byk choice, dari toyota echo, yaris, corolla, camry dan tarago(estima).
      kalau yg jumbuck tu, dorang suke pada ford dan holden ute sbb lebih sporty dan banyak kelebihan. Sebenarnyer di sydney, xdelah byk sgt aussie pakai kereta proton… nama Proton terkenal sebab proton taja WESt TIGER dalam NRL

    4. iz says:

      Tapikan..mase aku kat sana..xbyk lak model toyota..diorg memg lbih kpd Ford and Holden..kete2 dari europe lagi la sikit..sbiji dua je..Holden diorg lg byk..memg patriotik la diorg..design2 Holden pun memg lawa.. hehe..

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