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    Proton wins the Best peoples car with New Saga FL 1.6 and Best Value For Money Family car with Inspira awarded by Asian Auto – Auto Industry Awards 2011. This shows that Proton improved a lot in terms of car specification, quality and have most worth car for everyone’s money. Now every one in Malaysia have a better choice to buy a car. The best people’s car and the best family car by Proton.

    modified inspira 

    Modified Inspira picture above in sketch mode 

    Proton also wins over Perodua in terms of sales this year according to the current report. you can read the report below under this full post.

    (Bernama) — Proton Holding Bhd grabbed the best people’s car and best value for money family car awards at the Asian Auto – Auto Industry Awards 2011.

    Proton Saga FaceLift (FL) 1.6L won in the best people’s car category and Proton Inspira 1.8 grabbed the best value for money award for the family car category.



    “Proton Saga FL and Proton Inspira have been very successful in terms of sales and these awards are boosters for the cars and the company to perform better,” Proton Edar Sdn Bhd General Manager for Marketing Division Sidik Abdul Hamid said in a statement today.

    The fourth annual ceremony gave out 19 awards to recognise the best in Malaysia’s automotive industry this year.


    Modified Inspira R3 inspired idea

    Proton Holdings Bhd has pipped long time rival Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua Sdn Bhd (Perodua) as the market leader in industry sales so far this year but analysts feel Perodua would launch a fightback in the second half once supply issues and the new Myvi hits full production.

    Analysts said pole position is important for both car makers as both are selling cars in the affordable segment where volume was key but said sales number in July and August would more accurately determine if better response to Proton’s Saga would be able to sustain its ranking.

    “Perodua has a good chance of climbing back to the top of the sales chart but popularity of the Saga is strong,” said an analyst who tracks the sector.

    Proton has year-to-date sold more cars than Perodua. For the January to May period, the first national car company sold 72,229 vehicles compared with 70,752 for Perodua, according to numbers complied by an analyst from OSK Investment Bank.

    Sales of the Saga averaged 5,000 units a month in the second half of last year but bumped up to 6,700 in the first 5 months of this year.

    The best selling car for Proton during that period was the Saga, which registered sales of 33,649 for the period.

    Analysts feel the drop in Perodua’s sales was due to it phasing out of the old Myvi in view of the launch of the new Myvi which was introduced to consumers last month.

    “Many buyers were holding back until they saw the new Myvi,” said the OSK analyst.

    The lull period between the phasing out of the old Myvi and the introduction of the new Myvi appears to have benefited Proton, most of all when it came to sales of the Saga.

    Sales of the Saga averaged 5,000 units a month in the second half of last year but bumped up to 6,700 units a month in the first five months of this year, said the analyst.

    How long that will last is yet to be seen as analysts have said bookings for the new Myvi is strong. In the 12 days before the Myvi was launched, it had garnered 10,000 bookings.

    “This is short-term visibility for us when we see demand for the new Myvi. Sales should pick up in July and August,” said an analyst.

    The lead Proton has built up, even though slim, is important as it does not have a new model planned for launch this year.

    Sales of the Proton Saga rose to 6,700 units a month in the first five months of this year
    Analysts said a facelift of the Saga is all there is in terms of a refresher of its product line, but next year, a new model passenger car is expected to be launched.

    Analysts said the new model would be an addition to the Persona, which is another big seller for Proton, and said the pricing of the new car will have a bearing on the response from the public.

    “Proton remains an affordable car for the masses and it has a lot of convincing to do for people to pay big money for its cars,” said an analyst.

    The drop in sales of the Inspira is one of the reasons analysts are suggesting Proton has a lot to do in persuading buyers of its new car should it go beyond the affordable price range.

    “People have more choice with Korean cars being priced within an earshot of what Proton’s price range is. With interest rates low, affording a more expensive car is not as difficult as when rates are higher,” said an analyst.

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