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    There are two types of components that are available for Proton cars in the market, namely Proton genuine parts and Proton second branding parts.Other than those parts might not meet the specifications and might have shorter usage life cycle and give further damage to vehicles.Imitation parts are not recommended due to the inferior materials being used and manufacturing methods that do not comply with the strict standards established for Proton Genuine Parts.Read the full news from Bernama below.


    KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 14 — Owners of Proton cars have been advised to be careful against the purchase and use of imitation spare parts that are being passed-off as genuine components in the market.

    “These parts are not only inferior in quality, do not last nor perform to the standards of original components, and are in breach of intellectual property rights, but they are also capable of inflicting serious risks to the safety of Proton car owners and further damage to vehicles,” Proton Edar Sdn Bhd Chief Executive Officer, Mohamad Shukor Ibrahim said in a statement Tuesday.

    “We always advise our customers to only go to our service branches, authorised service dealers or parts stockists instead of others to be sure that they are purchasing original components.”

    Mohamad Shukor said there are two generally acceptable types of components available for Proton cars in the market, namely Proton genuine parts and Proton second branding parts.

    Proton is also in the midst of rebranding and increasing the number of line items in its second branding parts, which it plans to launch soon, offering more affordable parts to customers.

    Replacement equipment parts (RE Parts) meanwhile, are components that have been developed by manufacturers other than Proton using their own branding and packaging.

    These components offer quality that might not meet the specifications of Proton genuine parts and Proton second branding parts, with shorter usage life cycle but sold at lower prices.

    Mohamad Shukor said that Proton with the help of the authorities, is taking steps to weed out the distribution, sale and use of these imitation spare parts.

    Under the Trade Description Act 1972, the selling of imitation parts is an offence punishable by a maximum fine of RM100,000 or three years jail or both if committed by an individual or maximum of RM250,000 fine if committed by a company.

    Customers can purchase Proton Genuine Parts at all Proton Edar’s Service Centres, authorised service centres, exclusive Proton parts stockists, authorised Proton parts stockists and their agents.

    Car owners in doubt of parts they have purchased can also send the parts together with the packing and invoice or receipt for verification to Proton or contact Proton’s i-CARE hotline at 1800-888-398.

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