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    Picture Of NEW HONDA ODYSSEY 2009 JDM

    Honda Japan is going to launch its new Honda Odyssey JDM version for Japan Market. This new model have better facelifted image in front and at the back of this luxury MPV.

    Honda Motor Co., announced in October a new “Odyssey” information about the Friday, Sept. 19 from Honda’s website prior to the general public.

    “Odyssey” was born in October 1994, will take to the many customers, and multiplayer space with a spacious seat, and innovative package of low-floor high driving performance and sophisticated design is popular in .

    The new fourth generation will be the “Odyssey”, in the vein of previous models have been passed on from the inherited DNA, while appealing to the emotions of people to develop the model.

    In the home, the new “Odyssey” and information will be released gradually, attractive special offers will be content.

    Picture below descibes the new Honda Odyssey 2009 JDM version :

    Picture Of NEW HONDA ODYSSEY 2009 JDM

    (Click picture to enlarge)

    The front grill have a slightly same as the upcoming honda city 2009 design. While at the back portion, we can see a more sporty design compare to the old one with double output exhaust piping. The interior also looks more futuristic. This HONDA MPV will absolutely can compete very well in the MPV Market in Japan and attract most of the MPV lover there. We just hope that this beautiful new MPV will strike inside Malaysia Automotive Market soon.

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    1. cclia says:

      how can i know the price?thanks…

    2. khir says:

      this car is elegans…
      its shape make me feel hot when i was inside there…

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