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    Petronas has launched a new product of lubricants which is an engine oil for motorcycle, Petronas Syntium Moto. They are very confident to get more control in lubricant market share in Malaysia. The lubricant will be exported to other countries soon like Indonesia, China, Japan and more. read further news from thestar below.
    KUALA LUMPUR: Petronas Lubricants International Sdn Bhd aims to be the lubricant market leader in Malaysia in five to 10 years by introducing more high standard lubricant products and having aggressive marketing campaigns, said Petronas Dagangan Bhd lube business division general manager Mohd Shobri A. Bakar.


    “Currently, we control about 21% to 22% of the local lubricants market. There are about 30 players in the market and we have to compete with all of them, which will take some time,” he told reporters yesterday after the launch of Petronas Syntium Moto, a synthetic motorcycle engine oil marketed by Petronas Dagangan.
    Shobri said there were still growth opportunities in this industry such as in the motorcycle sector and the introduction of the new product would further boost the company’s market share. He was confident Petronas Syntium Moto would be well received by motorcycle enthusiasts locally and internationally.
    “With growing demand for the synthetic range and being distinctive from any other lubricant brands, Petronas Lubricants will be well-poised to play a bigger role as a leading producer, manufacturer and distributor of engine oils, both in Malaysia and overseas,” he said.
    Petronas Syntium Moto would be marketed to several countries including Indonesia, Thailand, China, Japan, Singapore and India soon.
    Petronas Lubricants International marketing strategy and business development general manager Domenico Ciaglia said Petronas Syntium Moto was the result of two years’ hard work in research and development (R&D) and Malaysia was the first country to introduce the new product.
    “Our continuous long-term lubricant development programme that produced Petronas Syntium Moto further proves our R&D ingenuity in developing world-class lubricant products,” he said.
    Petronas Syntium Moto is currently available at all Petronas service stations and Kedai Mesra outlets nationwide at prices ranging from RM23 to RM88.
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