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    Petronas Fiat Yamaha team\

    Petronas now enter the world of MotoGP with three year agreement with Yamaha Motor Co..Read the detail news from motogp.com below:


    Yamaha Motor Co
    ., Ltd have signed a three-year agreement with PETRONAS that will see the Malaysian national oil and gas corporation become an important new Official Sponsor of the Fiat Yamaha team.

    Under a new partnership, the Fiat Yamaha Team will carry the PETRONAS branding on the team’s liveries this season, including on the bikes of riders Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo, as well as team equipment and material.

    The two parties have also been partners in sporting collaborations in motorcycle championships in the Asia Pacific region for over eight years.

    The partnership will lead to the future extension of the existing business relationship in Malaysia into the South-East Asian region, for the development and production of Yamalube engine oil for Yamaha OEM vehicles.

    For PETRONAS, the latest collaboration with Yamaha will enable it to continue building the position of its international lubricants business through a strategic partnership with another globally successful manufacturer and brand.

    “This is a very exciting development for Yamaha and for the sport of MotoGP,” commented Lin Jarvis, Managing Director of Yamaha Motor Racing. “Yamaha and PETRONAS already have a successful business relationship away from racing, and this new, long-term, business partnership will see the ties between the two multi-national companies strengthened further.”

    He continued, “It is especially good to see a global company of PETRONAS’ stature making the decision to enter into our sport at this difficult time and we look forward to working hand in hand with them to develop a long and mutually beneficial relationship.”

    The new livery of the Fiat Yamaha Team riders and bikes with PETRONAS branding will be seen for the first time tomorrow (Friday 10th April) as the riders begin free practice at the Commercialbank Grand Prix of Qatar.

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    5 Responses

    1. ApisZ says:

      Wow!! Great news! Now rossi owned by malaysian company.. Hope to see the forgotten foggy petronas jump to motogp next couple years.. Maybe yamaha transplant with fp1 bike..? Who knows petronas just steal yamaha tech for fp1 r&d.. Lets see from now

    2. nyan46 says:

      ni baru la sensasi..meriah la sepang tahun ni,dgn budak rossi ni kompom la petronas byk naik podium

    3. adli says:

      cayala..1st hit dah got 2nd podium,sapa penah bayang yg rossi akn bwk nama petronas kita..

    4. iz says:

      Tp kan Petronas dlu pnah msuk MotoGP kan.. 2003-2006 xsilap..pkai moto Petronas FP1…moto tu dibangunkn sama2 ngan Sauber Petronas dulu2..igt pasukan Foggy Petronas dlu.. mule2 gempak sebb pasukan dari jepun menyepi jap..pastu bile diorg msuk smule..terus pasukan kite tenggelam..then program FP1 terminated…1st superbike Malaysia tu..hope Petronas bangunkan semula superbike ke 2 Malaysia

    5. ApisZ says:

      Aku pcaya petronas bkn takat nk advertise.. Sbab diorg nk blaja dpd yamaha.. 1st step on motogp.. Nape mesti nk join champion? Sbab kalo nk bjaya kite kene ikut y da bjaya x gi2? Neway rossi da best.

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