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    Modified Persona Vip style shown here is the best looking Vip so far with fully customized front bumper including front grille, extended hood, vips rims and vip interior with fabric and leather.




    Info modifikasi kereta dari kdi http://kereta.info:

    * Persona Vip colour = dark gray

    * Persona Vip bodykit / skirting / aero kit = yes.

    * Custom bumper Persona Vip = front + rear bumper

    * Persona Vip headlamp = projector with smoked

    * LED day light running lamp / angel eyes = yes

    * Persona Vip front grille = std

    * Spot light fog lamp = yes

    * Body kit Side skirting for Persona Vip = yes

    * Persona Vip sport rims = big size with low profile tyres.

    * Fully tinted = black window tint film.

    * Body sticker / stripe decal = yes

    * Door visor

    * Rear Persona Vip bumper / skirting = custom design

    * Aftermarket Persona Vip spoiler.

    * LED Brake lamp + standard rear tail lamp.

    * Custom plate number = front and rear.

    * Custom exhaust tail pipe tip.

    * Rear bumper diffuser = no

    * Modified Persona Vip interior include :

    + Leather seat / bucket seat
    + Modified interior lighting LED
    + Audio system speakers full set, woofers, mid bass, amplifiers.

    * Persona Vip Modified engine bay, performance stuff / gadget juga terdapat pada kereta ini.


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