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    We just sent a Perodua Myvi SE to one of the service center in Negeri Sembilan that has a bad reputation previously to experience ourself how they treat customer this time.

    The car sent in at 9am, registered within 5 minutes and waiting for the service center technician to accomplish minor service 10K km on our friend’s Myvi.

    During the waiting period, customers are invited to have some light food like curry puff and a cup of hot water such as Milo or coffee that available inside the waiting area.

    The facility for customers includes clean toilet, prayer room, airconditioning waiting room, sofa and tv.

    However, they should add more comfortable sofa for customers because the plastic chair is just not suitable for their customers to wait for a long time.

    Surprisingly, the car servicing done within 40 minutes for a walk in customer that includes engine oil replacement, car overall inspection and cabin filter replacement.

    Perodua provides Free car servicing which includes labour and limited parts like engine oil and oil filter for the car that comes with the free service package. Other additional part replacement will be charged. In our case, we replaced the cabin filter for RM30. Normally we just clean and reuse the cabin filter.

    They also recommend us for wheel balancing, tyre rotation and allignment at an expensive charge of RM70 which is double the charge from the outside workshop that only ask for RM35 per wheel allignment, balancing and tyre rotation. So we skip the recommendation to do the allignment.

    Next major service will includes another RM90 for 40K km in additional of free car servicing they offered. Customers may make the payment by cash or credit card.

    A lot of improvement this time. Especially on the work ethic and how they served you. We hope Perodua will continue the good customer service in the future.


    Perodua service receipt.


    A professional work ethic. Using plastic cover on the seat and paper floor mat to prevent dirt.


    Car servicing booklet. Make sure you got it stamped every time you completed the car servicing in Perodua Service center to ensure you get the warranty unvoided.


    Recommended for you to book the time for car servicing early. Or you can just walk in as early as 9 oclock in the morning.

    For those who have a good or even bad experience dealing with Perodua service center please share your opinion here.

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    1. Huda Mahmud says:

      I have serviced my Perodua Myvi SE2 at a lot of Perodua SC, but the best is still at Perodua Rawang SC. The CS is friendly & informative. They will tell you the budget of the SC & the duration of the servicing. They even will give you free gifts after the service. This is probably done to soften the blow to the pocket! LOL

    2. Vyn says:

      3 years free service .. I got free service before 10k… need to pay extra service when 10000km ? Around rm260? How about yours ?

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