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  • Perodua Myvi Gas Spring / Shock Absorber / Rear Boot Damper / Rear Strut

    Having problem with Myvi Rear Boot Gas Spring?
    Worried it will knock on your head one final day?

    Feel embarrassed and tired using your head or hand as holding stick?
    Fret no more. Introducing special made Myvi Gas Springfrom German.

    Original with superb quality. Suitable for Myvi Year 2005- 2011
    Affordable price for super quality product, innovative, safety, long last,
    highest quality, and trusted for more than 70 years.Pay a price for a peace of mind.

    Global market leader Brand with continuous improvements.
    All designs aremeeting International requirements of
    ISO 9001:2000 and ISO /TS 16949:2002. The highest quality with confidence.

    Perodua Myvi Rear Boot Gas Spring also commercially known as
    Shock Absorber,Rear Boot Damper, and Rear Strut. Kindly take note.
    Instruction Video:

    1. Use screwdriver to loosen “End Lock/C-Clip” at both end of NEW Gas Spring.

    Warning: Do not remove the clip completely. Just loosen it.

    2. Remove the “Ball Stud” at both end.

    3. Use M12 Spanner to remove OLD Gas Spring at both end. (anticlockwise direction)

    4. Use M13 Spanner to replace the new “Ball Stud” at both end.

    5. Install new gas springs with the piston rod points down. This will ensure optimum
    lubrication of the guide and sealing system at all times.
    Push the end head fitting to the “Ball Stud”. Done !!

    Video consists of 3:33 Minutes Original Installation.
    You should not take more time then this.
    Do not allow Cheap Poor Quality Gas Spring to cause dissapointment.
    Pay a price for a peace of mind.
    contact for more info:
    ylogadget @ gmail.com

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