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  • PERFECT LUXURY NEW 2009 BMW 7 SERIES – High Technology Car



    PERFECT LUXURY NEW 2009 BMW 7 SERIES – High Technology Car

    Inside the new 2009 BMW 7-Series will get all the latest technology, which includes massaging rear seats, a lane departure warning system, night vision, adaptive cruise control, a revised iDriveMultiple-Personality-Cars , etc.

    The Official BMW Press Release (summarised):

    Now, as the new BMW 7 Series approaches its market launch in 2009, it is that time again. BMW now presents the 5th generation of its flagship sedan, demonstrating once again how all-encompassing luxury can be combined and harmonized with the pleasures of dynamic performance.

    2009 BMW 7-series Specification and Information


    Fifth generation of the BMW 7 Series; a completely new interpretation of style, luxury and driving pleasure. The U.S. market will receive the 750i and, with its wheelbase extended by 140 mm/5.5 in., the 750Li.

    The attributes of these vehicles are expressed visually by their design, which radiates a natural presence, inherent sportiness and an elegance born of precision in concept and execution. New generation of V-8 engine with direct injection with twin turbochargers expresses BMW EfficientDynamics at the highest performance. Weight-efficient construction and innovative chassis technology contribute to provide the platform for dynamic driving qualities that are unique in the world of luxury automobiles. New, exclusive BMW driver-assistance systems and comfort related features further add to the truly exceptional driving and riding
    experience these automobiles deliver.


    Inside the new 7 series, the theme is consistent with the exterior: an advanced spatial concept with clear organization and delineation of driving-and comfort-oriented functions. Gently contoured lines, high-caliber materials and an enhanced feeling of space add up to a harmonious, expansive and luxurious environment.

    The driver-oriented control center features Black Panel technology. What is it actually? It is A console-mounted E-Shift transmission control, new to the 7 Series, is positioned close to the new Driving Dynamics Control, the BMW iDrive controller. More functions than ever are conveniently accessible to the driver from the multi-function steering wheel.

    So many functions and special specification makes BMW 7 Series a great luxury car

    – An unmistakable look, confident and proud in its character, expresses typical BMW sportiness in its most elegant form. Viewed from various angles, the design is composed of energetic proportions; a graceful silhouette; Some sort of BMW 5 series design plus bigger space; sculptural surfaces that embody modernism; the large, vertical, yet low-set BMW “kidney” grilles; and a rear aspect that communicates a wide stance, muscular substance and clarity of line.

    new 2009-bmw-7-series-interior

    An entirely new generation of BMW’s pioneering iDrive presents features and functions in a larger (10.2-in.), high-resolution color display. More intuitive operation is ensured by an optimized menu structure; a new controller enabling function selection and activation via turn, push and tilt motions; direct-select keys; and eight freely programmable Memory Keys. The standard GPS Navigation system is newly enhanced with topography and functionally improved; the audio system gains a hard drive.

    – An all-new engine powers both models in the U.S. Recently introduced in the X6, it’s a 4.4-liter, twin-turbocharged V-8 delivering 400 hp and 450lbs-ft of torque over an amazingly broad rpm range.

    Is this new 7 series have a Fuel efficiency characteristic luxury car?

    Fuel efficiency promises to be class-leading too, though official EPA ratings are not yet available. A 6-speed automatic transmission with optimized shifting smoothness and speed, also promotes enhanced fuel efficiency.

    malaysia 2009-bmw-7-series-interior11

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