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    A new car looks better? naah.. It is not always the new version wins in terms of exterior. But for overall specification yes. Absolutely the new one will win because car manufacturer will upgrade the old version spec to be better on the new version. But for exterior, nowadays car manufacturer tends to make ‘mistake’ and designing a new car which looks less attractive than the previous one.

    Toyota vios new proton saga blm vs fl

    For example, the Toyota Vios 1st gen vs Vios 07 2nd gen (which is actually a Yaris Sedan) the 1st gen Vios looks better from front and rear while the new vios famous with it’s ‘dugong’ face. But the space for sure the new one better. While for Proton New Saga BLM vs Saga FL, I just dont undertand why Proton cut the rear lamp to make it smaller on Saga FL? It looks weird and obviously, the Saga BLM looks better. The Saga BLM also have the LED tail lamp version and the front projector headlamp which is more stylish.

     Honda Jazz perodua myvi new


    The previous Honda Jazz vs All new Honda Jazz? I think the new Jazz looks quite bad due to its new design which makes it looks smaller. The front and rear exterior of previous honda Jazz / Fit has better look. Same goes to Perodua new myvi vs new new myvi. hoho.. The latest new  myvi looks smaller and the space between tyre and wheel compartment has too much gap which express a weird looks from the side and rear. However, the new projector headlmap absolutely nicer.


    honda city new vs honda new civic

     As for Honda, the disappointment on previous Honda City idsi and vtec cured when Honda releases it’s All new Honda City iVtec which looks very good inside out compare to the old city idsi which is quite ugly sorry to say when looking from the rear. But, Honda seems to make mistake this time when they want to release a new Honda Civic 2011/2012. People around the world have expressed their disappointment to the new design of civic which looks worst than the current Honda Civic. From the front to the rear. Something missing there…

    Old VS new.. What is your opinion? Any other car model to compare?

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