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    Attending to the NST autoshow gives you the ability to judge almost all of the car available in Malaysia. The best person should go is the one who wants to own a new car.


    We have been to many world and international autoshow. Although the NST Autoshow is not as big as the others, at least it gives you the chance to feel and ride the car you that like.




    Chevrolet cars has the most outstanding nice car interior design. We like most of their car interiors which gives a fresh and luxury feels inside the cabin. One of the unique interior is the Chevrolet Sonic with its stylish floating meter and sporty aircond vents.


    The worst and cheap looking cars, sorry to say it is the Hyundai i10. With the price which is similar to other local cars, this is not a worth to buy. The interior has the most plastic feels and looks very cheap. Even if you want to compare with the better viva.


    The nonsense part of a 2nd row space is available in Honda CRZ. I cannot think how a human can seat behind, at the rear passenger seat. I would really love to call the back seat as the dog seat or a cat seat. Expensive car which eliminate humans at the back seat.

    Comparing Honda CRZ vs Hyundai Veloster, the veloster amazingly have a better space for rear seat eventhough you see it as a two seater from the outside.


    The spacious 11 seater Ssangyong stavic is now available with new facelift front and rear design. New design reduces the ugly looking MPV design from the previous version.

    Yes it can fit 11 person but there is no boot space at the back. The MPV seat position is quite high and sometimes you dont want to be that high because it is not comfortable.

    Comparing the Ssangyong stavic VS Hyundai starex, Starex has a better space and legroom. Plus the seat is more comfortable.


    The saddest part of a car that once upon a time we called it “best sedan” starts from the rear passenger seat. Really, it is not for a big and tall adult. The legroom is really disappointing. The ford focus designer was too focus on the new features and neglecting the rear seat space and legroom.

    Overall, the best design is absolutely the new Mercedes A250 with its sporty shape and diamond front grille. But the interior is too dark where you feel like a bit confined inside the cabin.

    The most ergonomic interior available on most of Volkswagen cars. Eventhough last time we said that we hate the interior design of all previous VW cars.

    The seat is comfortable. The instruments all well arranged within touching distance. The armrest really is for your arm to rest, not like other cars which put the armrest far from your arm. The meter panel is nicely visible through the steering space. That explains why VW cars getting more frequent to be seen on the road eventhough they provide bad customer service.

    Thats all the summary of NST autoshow from our point of view. We hope the event will be better next time with the inclusion of modified cars and more test drive cars.

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