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    New Contribution by Maria

    When a Mercedes took the parking lot she had been waiting for, an annoyed women left a note on its windscreen. Little did she expect to receive a reply claiming her car was too small to notice.

    If the driver in the other car did not notice her car, then how is it that he knew which car to return the note to???

    In that note Maria wrote:

    “Excuse me! Next time before you overtake oyher cars to get an empty parking lots pls check that there are no other cars behind/in front of who already waiting for the lot before you arrive ”

    The Mercedes owner returned the note and wrote:

    “Your car is not big enough for me to notice you”

    In an email Maria says:

    “This family driving a 90’s model Mercedes in white (number plate 5755) overtook my car at Serangoon Gardens Market carpark, Singapore at 1030am this morning.”

    “They took the just-vacated carpark lot I was waiting for around 15 minutes for.”

    “I gestured to tell them that the lot was mine but they ignored me.”

    “After I found another lot, I went back and left this note on their windscreen.”

    “When I returned to my car, I found the note returned on my windscreen with their comments that my car was not big enough for them to notice.”

    “This obviously isn’t true, since they knew that I was the one who wrote the note and they recognised my ‘small’ car to find it and return the note.”

    “Shut carpark bullies down!”

    IZ: Anyways, next time don’t leave notes to such bullies, because if they aren’t happy,they might do something to your car.You are so lucky they replied with a stupid note.Here I have some example of similar parking incident.But the difference is that the small car was the one that took the parking lot.One of my friend car has been scratched from front to back on one side over a similar parking incident.Although the other car (also a big car) arrived earlier, the vacating lot was just next to him while big car was like few cars length away, so he took the lot.Maybe it really was his mistakes, but if you see any big car just play safe because sometimes they can be rude to you…Not all of them..some of them also a nice person.

    P/S: Don’t be “Takbur” with what we have. =)

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