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    Nissan gtr R35

     NISSAN GT-R R35

    Global economy crisis had affected many companies. Many companies has been lost including Nissan.

    Read the detail news from Autocar by Dan Steven


    Nissan has announced 20,000 job losses as the firm faces its first full-year loss since it merged with Renault in 1999.

    The company today predicted that it will make a $2.58bn (£1.75bn) loss for the financial year ending on 31 March, and that it will need to cut its global workforce from 235,000 to 215,000 as part of a major cost-cutting exercise.

    Perhaps more noticeably, Nissan will put what it calls “the mid-term business plan” on hold, cutting spending on new projects and cancelling some new car programmes. Capital expenditure will be cut by 15 per cent, from 3.84bn yen (£1.78bn) to 330bn yen (£1.53bn).

    The board of directors will not take any bonuses for 2008, and all executive salaries will be cut by 10 per cent.

    There’s also a new post in the executive boardroom: the chief recovery officer. Briton Colin Dodge will “lead the company’s ongoing recovery activities”.

    As yet, no factories will be closed, but an unfinished facility in Morocco, a joint-venture with Renault, has been put on hold.

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    1. Putera Ryan says:

      wow cun gila kreta ni, tukar logo GTR tu dgn lambang PROTON ok gak tu

    2. Ashvin says:

      Wow …
      Sad to hear abt this…
      Really feel you guys

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